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TRO Travelgram: Nov 1



Thursday, November 1
Yunnan, China: Thousand Lion Mountain, cormorant fishing, more
When a Tibet trip falls through, Yunnan emerges as an alternative. Among its allures: Thousand Lion Mountain, cormorant fishing, the tea and horse caravan road... LA Times

Volcanoes and valleys on the Big Island
The youngest of Hawaii's main islands -- and it's still growing, with over 500 acres of new land added over the last 30 years -- the Big Island of Hawai'i overflows with outdoor adventures... CNN

Destination: Berlin, Germany
Berlin has come a long way since its divided past. See the best of this vibrant German city...

Tours and Activities
Sistine Chapel ceiling turns 500 years old
Michelangelo's fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, one of the world's most iconic pieces of art, will celebrate its 500th anniversary in Vatican City... CNN

Great American Bites: Fish tacos with a following in La Jolla
One of Southern California's most famous beach and surfing towns, La Jolla is also the heart of a region known for a very particular culinary specialty: fish tacos... USA Today

World's 10 best cities for coffee
Countless varieties, roasting techniques, brewing preferences, and adornments yield dramatically different brews around the world, all with avid fans and vociferous critics... USA Today

Cruise passengers weather Sandy at sea
Some cruise passengers found themselves unexpectedly experiencing "superstorm" Sandy at sea in the Atlantic, most notably on the Norwegian Gem... USA Today

Cruise line islands damaged by Hurricane Sandy
Several cruise lines are reporting Hurricane Sandy-related damage to their private island and beach facilities in the Bahamas – causing ships to miss calls at the popular ports... USA Today

Stranded Sandy fliers may get help from European Union
An EU Regulation states that airlines must compensate passengers if their flight is canceled or delayed at least three hours. That compensation applies to all airlines, including U.S. carriers, for flights departing a European Union-member airport... USA Today

Which airline fees are worth the extra money?
At a time when a plane ticket gets you little more than a seat and a soda, the array of extras passengers can pay for is dizzying. So what's worth the money?... USA Today

New York hotels make
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