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Adventures on New River Gorge


Remembering a visit to what is now the nation's newest National Park.

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Where the wild things are


Life is a safari for animals and humans at the Wilds, a vast wildlife preserve in southeast Ohio.

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Doing the Kaibab Shuffle: A 25-mile rim-to-rim hike reveals many Grand Canyon wonders


Looking up from nearly a mile deep inside the Grand Canyon, I saw only one twinkle in the otherwise total blackness.

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One week before the mast


A seven-day vacation on the schooner Heritage, off the coast of Maine, emphasizes relaxation and camaraderie

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Gigapixel Panoramas of Note


Recognizing the unprecedented possibilities to capture, archive, and display cities and environments in a whole new way, photographers around the world are shooting high resolution panoramas of places they love.

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Cross-Country Eden


Imagine cross-country ski heaven. For me, it might be a pristine private preserve, with miles of neat, Nordic track trails twisting up and down over snow on deep hillsides forested with hemlock and hardwood. 

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Backpackers brave wild animals, heat and exhaustion in wilderness reserve


By several measures, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi is South Africa's premier game park.

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5 Reasons To Plan Your Winter Getaway Now


Traveler's Journal mentioned in HuffPost article!

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GIGGY Awards


A gallery of GIGGY winners

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The melting pot of Malta


Rich history has given this Mediterranean island an eclectic flavor

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Getting Gaudi in Barcelona


Architect Antoni Gaudi's vision left mark on Barcelona

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The Many Mansions of Marrakesh


"Colored cottons hang in air, Charming cobras in the square, striped djellebas we can wear at home"

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King Biscuit Blues Festival


Kicking out the blues in Helena, Arkansas

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Rome in a Day


One of the best ways to explore an unfamiliar city is in the company of a knowledgeable someone who lives there.

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Bridge walk over the gorge


You can stroll across under the New River Gorge Bridge anytime, but on only one Saturday a year, you can walk across it.  

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Winging it: Soaring on a glider plane gives a bird's-eye view and experience


The uplands of Central Pennsylvania have become a mecca for glider pilots

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Montara in the Fog


An early November trip to see our son in San  Francisco provided a chance to check out this rugged California  coastline 20 miles south of the city.

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Mayan ruins of Caracol provide exclusive experience


Caracol is the largest and most recently discovered of the ancient Mayan ruins in Belize.

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Three Great Houses of England


England boasts dozens of so-called Great Houses, the castles, palaces and sprawling estates established by history's wealthy and sustained  by their heirs. Here are quick sketches of three in the East Midlands about 100 miles north of London. 

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In the Cradle of the Industrial Age


It's common to think of Pittsburgh, with the steel mills that sprang up along tits rivers at the end of the 19th century, was the birthplace of the modern metals industry. But that distinction belongs to the upper reaches of the Severn River, 100 miles upstream from Bristol.


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The primary mission is to keep your nasal passages open

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In today's Type-A age of telecommunications, some cruise passengers crave constant contact more than midnight buffets

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No one rule applies to all Caribbean islands when it comes to entry and exit requirements

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In Toronto, the arts scene shines


Canada's largest city is a far more sophisticated place than the recent behavior of its mayor might lead you to believe

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Put hoodoos on to-do list


If you're in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, check out Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, a remarkable geological formation along Interstate 25.

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