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These Web sites provide helpful or interesting information for travelers.

Fodors Restaurant Discriptions

Sushi bar listing world-wide

City Search
City Search offers a wide variety of useful information about cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

MapQuest offers personalized and interactive maps for destinations around the world.






Specialty Travel Index
Specialty Travel Index lists 600 tour operators offering specialty interest vacations.

HotWired's Rough Guides
Traveler's guides to Australia, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

City Guide USA

Festival Finder
The most comprehensive guide to North American music festivals, listing details for more than 1300 events in the U.S. and Canada.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
This map collection from the University of Texas at Austin holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.

CDC Travel Information
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides this collection of invaluable information for the international traveler.

Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets
Provided by the U.S. State Department. An essential resource for international travelers.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is a fantastic resource no matter what you're looking for. Travelers will be particularly interested in the section for Global Legal Information.

STS-79 NASA Shuttle Web
Provides a glimpse of travel in the future.

Big Yellow
An on-line Yellow pages for the entire country.

A searchable on-line phone directory for the entire country.

Real - Time Flight Tracking
Another real time flight tracking site.

International Youth Hostel Federation It has information and connections to over 5000 youth hostels in 70 countries. Hostels offer inexpensive accommodations for travelers of all ages. They provide separate facilities for males and females, fully equipped self-service kitchens, dining areas and common rooms for relaxing and socializing.

www.worldtime.com. A service featuring information on local time as well as public holidays and sunrise and sunset in several hundred cities worldwide.

To find horse back riding adventures around the world, saddle up to www.ridingtours.com

Weatherwise: Here are five commercial sites to visit to check out up to date weather conditions around the world.


Click on www.festivals.com to search for fun things to do around the world .

CultureFinder has searchable listings of theater, classical music, and opera, visual arts and museums, dance and jazz performances around the country. www.culturefinder.com

To obtain listings for every foreign embassy in Washington, D.C., try http://www.embassy.org

TOURISM CENTERS: Tourist offices are often a good source of information  for travelers. To find address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and Web listings for both foreign and U.S. state offices.

WHAT'S ON? CultureFinder Tells you what's playing at theaters, concert halls, museums and other venues at your destination. Just enter the U.S. city you'll be visiting and the dates you'll be there, and you'll get a thorough list. .

MAP LAND: Mapquest Here's one for those afraid to ask a stranger for directions. You enter any two addresses in the United States and it will give you   turn-by-turn directions and a thumbnail map. .

HOW FAR IS IT?    Distance Finder Can tell you precisely how many miles it is from your home to Quito, Ecuador, or whether London is closer to Paris or Edinburgh. Distance Finder will calculate the distance between any two points, and provide the precise latitude and longitude of each. .

SAY IT RIGHT: Travlang

www.invented-city.com International Home Exchange, with 2000 home exchange opportunities in 24 countries. .

Supplies the basics in more than 60 languages, from French and Italian   to Basque, Welsh and Azerbaijani. There's also a feature that allows you to translate virtually any word into any other language. In many of the languages, if you have the proper browser plug-in, you can even click  on a foreign phrase and hear it pronounced. Cool!

Summer driving

www.Smartraveler.com posts latest accident reports, road conditions, and construction bulletins for 11 cities.

http://www.fhwa.dot.gov///////webstate.htm for a list of links to all state highway department web sites.

www.sor.princeton.du/~dhb/systems.html with links to hundreds of city and state and traffic transit sites.

www.speedtrap.com for a list of speed traps in the U.S. and abroad.

Featured Articles

From David Bear

Tulip time in the state of Washington rivals Holland's

Multicolored ribbons unfurling as far as the eye can see, acres of blue irises, yellow daffodils and purple lilies all blossoming in the spring sunshine --  sights a traveler might expect amid the fabulous flower fields of Holland. But the state of Washington?

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Carnegie's Castle in Scotland

Private club at Skibo makes the affluent feel at home

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My short story published in the July, 1976 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is clearly fiction, but nearly half a century later, it still rings ironically true. 


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Where the wild things are

Life is a safari for animals and humans at the Wilds, a vast wildlife preserve in southeast Ohio.

Click here for a short video preview.

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Doing the Kaibab Shuffle: A 25-mile rim-to-rim hike reveals many Grand Canyon wonders

Looking up from nearly a mile deep inside the Grand Canyon, I saw only one twinkle in the otherwise total blackness.

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One week before the mast

A seven-day vacation on the schooner Heritage, off the coast of Maine, emphasizes relaxation and camaraderie

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Backpackers brave wild animals, heat and exhaustion in wilderness reserve

By several measures, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi is South Africa's premier game park.

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5 Reasons To Plan Your Winter Getaway Now

Traveler's Journal mentioned in HuffPost article!

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The melting pot of Malta

Rich history has given this Mediterranean island an eclectic flavor

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Getting Gaudi in Barcelona

Architect Antoni Gaudi's vision left mark on Barcelona

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The Many Mansions of Marrakesh

"Colored cottons hang in air, Charming cobras in the square, striped djellebas we can wear at home"

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King Biscuit Blues Festival

Kicking out the blues in Helena, Arkansas

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Rome in a Day

One of the best ways to explore an unfamiliar city is in the company of a knowledgeable someone who lives there.

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Bridge walk over the gorge

You can stroll across under the New River Gorge Bridge anytime, but on only one Saturday a year, you can walk across it.  

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Winging it: Soaring on a glider plane gives a bird's-eye view and experience

The uplands of Central Pennsylvania have become a mecca for glider pilots

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Mayan ruins of Caracol provide exclusive experience

Caracol is the largest and most recently discovered of the ancient Mayan ruins in Belize.

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Three Great Houses of England

England boasts dozens of so-called Great Houses, the castles, palaces and sprawling estates established by history's wealthy and sustained  by their heirs. Here are quick sketches of three in the East Midlands about 100 miles north of London. 

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In the Cradle of the Industrial Age

It's common to think of Pittsburgh, with the steel mills that sprang up along tits rivers at the end of the 19th century, was the birthplace of the modern metals industry. But that distinction belongs to the upper reaches of the Severn River, 100 miles upstream from Bristol.


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In Toronto, the arts scene shines

Canada's largest city is a far more sophisticated place than the recent behavior of its mayor might lead you to believe

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Put hoodoos on to-do list

If you're in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, check out Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, a remarkable geological formation along Interstate 25.

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Fall's Finest Foliage awaits in Ohio's Hocking Hills

Although the great glaciers never covered these hills, they left their mark on the landscape. That's especially evident in the Fall. 

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A Visit to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Starting October 9, hundreds of hot air balloons will fill the skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here's a preview with a Special video presentation

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At home on the Sea of Cortez

The American Safari Quest provides an intimate experience that expands notions of luxury at sea. Special Video presentation

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Crossing Alder Creek

Hikers encounter nature's force in West Virginia's Dolly Sods 

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Door County - Cape Cod of the Midwest

Peninsula in Lake Michigan makes lovely summer retreat

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Taking orchids to Jan Mayen on the MS Hanseatic

An Arctic expeditionary adventure cruising across the sea of the midnight sun to Iceland

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Malta's Popeye village is strong to the finish

Movie sets are generally struck when the filming is done, but this one has been preserved as a tourist attraction.

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Unwinding in the Turks and Caicos

Geographically, the Turks and Caicos are two clusters of low-lying, reef-ringed, sand cays in the deep South Atlantic some 600 miles from Miami.

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Capturing a green flash

A green flash is an atmospheric optical phenomenon. When conditions are right, at either the first moment of sunrise or the last of sunset, a brilliant, tight band of turquoise can flash along the horizon.

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We come to Bury St. Edmunds ... and to praise it

Cambridge is the quintessential university town, but many other attractions await visitors to the surrounding English countryside

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Mex appeal

Train ride through Copper Canyon provides 'Chepe' thrills

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The magic of music in Nashville

For more than a century music has flowed to Nashville like rivers to the sea.  We write a pop song. Check out special audio 

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At Sea in the Lap of Luxury

When it comes to luxury at sea, the Europa is as good as it gets

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Naming Mount Obama - An Antiguan Adoration

It is always a notable event when a politician from one nation is moved to confer such a tangible honor on a living politician from another country.

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Casual Anguilla harbors miles of superb beaches

Anguilla is nothing if not laid back.  Special Note: the Caribbean Tourism Organization selected this article as the “Best Newspaper Feature" and "Best of Show"

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St. Maarten blessed with serene beaches

Beach side resort gives whole new meaning to the notion of an airport hotel.

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Bahamas' Andros hooks travelers looking for sport, relaxation

The largest of Bahamas' 700 islands, Andros is mostly wilderness with precious little in the way of modern tourism amenities, but plenty of peace and unadulterated nature.

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A touch of Basque

A proud people maintain their identity despite competing French, Spanish influences

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