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Italy News 44 2.05.08



Italian Government Tourist Board - North America

ITALY NEWS # 44 - February 4, 2008

Lidia Bastianich

 Lidia’s Italy

Lidia’s unique approach is that she focuses more on Italy’s lesser known, and less “famous” culinary regions, compared to the classical ones. Clearly, recipes from regions like Friuli-Venezia Giulia or Trentino reflect more outside influences than the typical Italian recipes based on Tuscan, Roman, and Neapolitan cuisines. For example, in the northeastern part of the Italian peninsula where the German and Slavic influences are at their strongest, dishes with cabbage, apples, braised pork, and delicate pastries reflect the fairly recent 200 plus years of Austro-Hungarian rule.

Mario Batali

The Babbo Cookbook

The Babbo Cookbook is one filled with vibrant, complex flavors that contradict their straightforward preparations. Timeless classics come alive again in bright new renditions that truly delight the palate. The book even includes notes on the various unique touches that make a meal at Babbo such a singular dining experience. These range from suggestions on wine service to recipes for “pre-desserts” that smooth the transition from savory to sweet, all representing the distinctive brand of Italian hospitality that has become the Batali trademark. 


Giada De Laurentiis

                    Everyday Pasta

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