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TRO Travelgram: Feb 18



Monday, February 18
10 places to see in 2013
Gettysburg, Amsterdam, Ecuador and South Korea are all on this wish list of places to visit during the year... LA Times

Rio, With Eyes Open
The city is billed as "new," ready to welcome the world. For a first-time visitor and her young daughter, it was lush, exciting and more complicated... New York Times

Tours and Activities
Food for the soul in Harlem 
Head to Upper Manhattan for a real taste of New York ... The Independent

Rappelling already too boring? Try deepelling 
Clipped to a rope, Patrick, an Open Sky Adventures guide, runs straight off a 30-metre-high cliff and plunges headfirst into the gorge below. Halfway down he pulls on the rope with his arm to brake, does a somersault, and spins 360 degrees mid-air before landing feet first on the ground... Globe and Mail

Cruise Line Replaces Suggested Tip Guidelines with Automatic Tips, Increases Amount
Effective March 1, Royal Caribbean International is replacing its recommended gratuity guidelines with automatic tips of $12 a day per person ($14.25 for suite guests)...

Second lawsuit filed over 'extremely toxic' cruise
Industry giant Carnival has been hit with a second lawsuit from a Carnival Triumph passenger... USA Today

Cruise industry braces for rough waters after Triumph
And as the crippled ship remains docked and under federal investigation in Mobile, Ala., travel agents and investors are bracing for fallout that could rival the bad publicity after last January's Concordia disaster, in which a Carnival-owned ship ran aground and capsized in Italy... USA Today

Strike strands thousands of air travelers in Germany
Thousands of air travelers are stranded in Germany after security personnel walked off the job at two airports in a wage dispute...USA Today

Airlines' airfare hikes not faring well in 2013
Good news for fliers: For the third time this year, airlines have failed to rally around each other to raise domestic airfares... USA Today

More cities roll out money-saving 'Hotel Week' promos
Baltimore's inaugural Hotel Week concludes tomorrow. It comes on the heels of New York's second-annual lodging promotion, which ended in January. Another Hotel Week is being planned for the Caribbean in August, traditionally a slow time in the islands... USA Today

10 great places where presidents slept (and you can, too)
Ever since George Washington took office in 1789, presidents have been hitting the road – and staying in the finest hotels in the republic... USA Today

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