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Philanthropic Travel to Belize





BELIZE CITY, Belize, February 5, 2008 – Assisting with environmental research, replanting trees in degraded areas or helping a local village prosper - it may not sound like a typical vacation getaway to paradise but in Belize, visitors can find personal rewards in volunteer and authentic vacation experiences.  Beyond the ordinary lure of the sun and sand, vacationers with an altruistic spirit can travel to Belize’s lush rainforests or sun drenched shores for a one of a kind philanthropic vacation.


“Visitors can come and enjoy the natural splendor and infinite eco-adventure that exists in Belize while giving back to the land and people within the region,” commented Director of Tourism, Tracy Panton.  “By contributing to the local communities and the surrounding environment, vacationers can make a positive impact and leave with an unforgettable and enriching life experience.”


Several non-profit agencies and organizations offer alternative vacation programs and volunteer opportunities that connect visitors with the ecological and cultural environment of the region. 


Programme for Belize – Hill Bank Field Station

Through Programme for Belize, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of Belize’s natural heritage and sustainability, participants are introduced to and learn about forested ecosystems and the country’s innovative conservation management practices.  At the Hill Bank Field Station located in the vast Rio Bravo region of Northern Belize, guests are exposed to some of the world’s most spectacular and varied flora and fauna.  Here, visitors are encouraged to join the field station community by engaging in a number of conservation activities, including the participation in a reforestation project through the replanting of trees, the seasonal study of frogs and toads, or by assisting with ranger patrols in the country’s protected areas.


All guests at the Hill Bank Station find lodging in solar-powered dormitories.  Through the Programme for Belize, visitors also gain access to the local culture through several community projects.


For more information on Programme for Belize, visit 


Cornerstone Foundation

Based in San Ignacio, the Cornerstone Foundation provides humanitarian assistance and community service aimed at empowering individuals through a number of programs, including HIV/AIDS education, adult literacy, special education and women/youth support.  Program durations range from one week for community linking projects, two weeks for cultural learning programs and longer for the varied volunteer opportunities that require more involved, long-term initiatives.

For community service projects, Cornerstone welcomes groups of six or more to carry out specific projects like beautifying a park, helping senior citizens or assisting in classrooms.  Cornerstone requires participants to make a financial contribution of $199 per person to support the organizations many programs and activity costs.  Volunteers can expect transportation to and from project sites, activity supplies and equipment, and project assistance and supervision.  In addition, housing is provided in a convenient location or can be secured at nearby hotel accommodations.

For more information or to apply online visit


For general information on Belize, contact the Belize Tourism Board at 1-800-624-0686 or visit the web site at


About Belize

Snuggled between Mexico to the North and Guatemala to the West and South, relaxed, English-speaking Belize is only a two-hour plane ride from the continental United States.  Venture into a land rich in natural beauty and steeped in the magic of its Maya past.  Renowned for having the second largest barri
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