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Richmond BC's Asian Night Markets New Season



Night Market Season in Richmond
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  Asia, Eat Your Heart Out: 12 Countries, 2 Markets, 1 City  

Richmond BC's diversity on display for another season at two acclaimed Asian night markets

Richmond, BC, Canada (May 30, 2013) – Mounds of swirly hurricane fries, Japanese takoyaki, and sweetly flavoured mini donuts are ready to hit the fryers. Grills are heating up in anticipation of skewered seaweed, squid pancakes, roasted yams and fresh duck wraps. Sweet treats, from mountains of sweet mango and cream to fresh dragon’s beard candy, are being scooped and spun for the hot summer months ahead. Meanwhile, vendors are ready to sell their unique wares to shoppers, as performers line up for a sizzling summer of entertainment. All these elements combined can only mean one thing – it’s night market season in Richmond, BC.

The city is home once more to two acclaimed Asian night markets, bringing the best of the Far East to the Canadian West Coast. The Richmond Night Market and the International Summer Night Market combine to bring nearly 150 food stalls and over 400 retail vendors to their sites.

Here are our top three reasons to visit Richmond’s night markets and help visitors navigate the stalls, crowds, smells and deals that make these authentic Asian markets an essential summer experience.


1.     Eat Global Goodies and Everything-on-a-stick

With a population that is 65 per cent Asian, Richmond’s two Asian night markets bring together an impressive cross-section of cultures and cuisines – vendors this year represent Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, France, Kenya and Canadian First Nations. Snaking through the dining stalls is like being transported around the world, and offers a chance to sample some finger-licking good bites. And, even with so much diversity, there is one element that unites all foods – the humble skewer. Look for tasty and swirly skewered potatoes dipped in flavoured salts – these night market stapes are just one of the "on-a-stick" options carried around the markets. Other stalls can be found skewering everything from spears of asparagus wrapped with bacon, to fried garlic prawns and juicy Thai chicken satay.

2.     Get Gangnam-Styled and Pimp Your Electronics

Vendors at both night markets bring together some of the hottest and most unique accessories – including jewelry, clothing, and everything you didn’t know you needed – at street-side prices (cheap!). Droves of visitors make their way to the markets every year in search of two things in particular – socks and cell phone covers. For the fanciest of footwear, look out for superheroes, animals galore and, Mr. Gangnam himself, Psy. To keep electronics safe or give them some sparkle (or both!), Richmond’s night markets have got it covered.

3.     Enjoy Multicultural Marvels and Ducks Aplenty

Where else can visitors catch some great live music, get their photo taken with a giant duck, then ride a shuttle down the road to take in a Bhangra cultural extravaganza? One more aspect to the "only-in-Richmond" night market experience comes alive through exciting entertainment at both sites. The International Summer Night Market has teamed up with the Vancouver Multicultural Society to highlight the vast cross-section of cultures taking part in the summer celebrations. It’s also hosting a weekly contest to crown the next rising star as a part of its Summer Night Idol contest. Meanwhile, the Richmond Night Market is getting all its ducks in a row this year. Look for a giant "Moby Duck" mascot that will dominate the skyline, as well as a number of international duck characters. Try the Magical Duck Island adventure board game, which helps to uncover funky finds and t
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