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TRO Travelgram: June 7



Friday, June 7
10 things to know before visiting Democratic Republic of Congo
If the Congo conjures images of dripping jungles inhabited by gorillas, warlords and the ebola virus, you're getting only a tiny part of the picture... CNN

Only in Branson: Five curiosities found nowhere else
Fortunes have fluctuated since the "live country music capital of the universe" hit it big in 1991, but this Nashville of the North remains a bastion of G-rated entertainment celebrating God, country and the all-you-can-eat buffet... USA Today

Tours and Activities
Where to get away on a national park adventure
Embrace the great outdoors with an affordable getaway to one of these national parks...

Shuttle Atlantis has a new space — inside
The countdown is at a little more than three weeks before the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit opens at Kennedy Space Center... USA Today

A Mid-Michigan Museum Draws a Crowd
More than 70,000 people have visited the Broad Art Museum in East Lansing since it opened in November, a figure well above expectations... New York Times

European River Cruise Port Cities Face Flood Damage
Record-setting flooding in central Europe, responsible for scattering river ships and the cancellation of dozens of sailings, has left numerous cities with days (if not weeks) of cleanup ahead of them...

Turkey Protests Catch Cruise Lines' Attention
Cruise lines are keeping a close eye on Turkey as protests in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities show no signs of abating. So far, though, only one cruise line has changed an itinerary in response to the violence...

PEOPLExpress adjusts start-up plan, buys existing airline
The team trying to resurrect the PEOPLExpress brand appears to be inching closer to making that happen. That's after the would-be start-up acquired XTRA Airways, a charter-focused company based in Boise... USA Today

British Airways may face compensation payout for delays
British Airways may be forced to pay compensation to passengers for flight delays at Heathrow after the first findings of an accident report were published... Telegraph (London)

World's Most Famous Eco Lodges
These days, more and more travelers are discovering and enjoying the advantages of booking at eco lodges, where they themselves find interest not just in exploring what Mother Earth has to offer but also helping her out in return... Misc

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