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Alaska Sea Adventures Announces Herring Extravaganzas


Alaska Sea Adventures, a small luxury cruise operator located in Southeast Alaska, celebrates this renewal by hosting their Southeast Alaska Spring Herring spawn and photography trips.
Petersburg, Alaska (November 27, 2013) - Alaska is always exciting but there is no question that spring in Southeast Alaska is a unique time of year and a highly anticipated season because the region is reawakening after a long slumber through the long cold dark days of winter.  Alaska Sea Adventures, a small luxury cruise operator located in Southeast Alaska, celebrates this renewal by hosting their Southeast Alaska Spring Herring spawn and photography trips. Captain and Owner, Dennis Rogers, announces the 2014 dates for their perennially popular and exclusive trips held on the Northern Song, their 84-foot world class luxury expedition yacht.  They are the only ones of their kind in the state.

Equipped with 4 private en-suite cabins, a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, and hosting less than 8 guests on each trip, the Northern Song offers an array of unique trips that bring guests to remote coves, corners, towns and fjords throughout Alaska. The Spring Herring Extravaganzas are the first of the season and offer a rare glimpse at one of Alaska’s most spectacular wildlife phenomenon. 

Captain Rogers explains, “Herring is a vital keystone species for the marine ecosystem in our state and many Alaska species, such as bald eagles, whales, seals, sea lions, and a host of various seabirds, are dependent upon them. Our spring herring trips welcome travelers from around the globe and create a rare opportunity to witness a surreal wildlife feeding festival in action.  All of these animals have survived a lean winter of meals and the floodgates of food are open once again because the nutrient rich herring have arrived once again in local waters! The shallow water of the shoreline is enriched with the calorie-rich herring, which is the equivalent of nature’s candy bar rarely available for these wildlife species.” 
The Spring Herring Extravaganzas scheduled for 2014 are as follows:

•          Petersburg to Sitka Spring Repositioning Trip, March 20-24, 2014 
•          Special Sitka Sound Herring  Spawn/Eagles and Whales, March 27-April 4, 2014
•          Spring Photography, Exploring SE Alaska! Eagles and Whales, April 6-14, 2014
•          Hoonah Sound Herring Spawn Event, April 18-25, 2014
•          Seymour Canal Herring Spawn Event, April 27-May 4, 2014

Captain Dennis explains, “On these extravaganzas, our luxurious and comfortable yacht will travel through local waterways at the height of the spring herring run. Without a doubt, this is a rare opportunity for travelers, nature enthusiasts,  professional and amateur photographers to hail the herring and celebrate the resurgence of life in picturesque and remote corners and coves of our spectacular state.”

For more visuals, see Alaska Sea Adventures photo gallery from the Spring Herring Trips.
Trip Details & Rates: 
About Alaska Sea Adventures: Discerning travelers from the world over have made Alaska Sea Adventures the Inside Passage adventure cruise of choice for over thirty years. Offering customized small group or family adventure, our yacht, Northern Song offers the ultimate Alaska vacation on a guided expedition. 

For additional information contact:
Dennis Rogers, Captain
Alaska Sea Adventures
P.O. BOX 542
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
1-907-772-4700 (Local & International)  

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