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TRO Travelgram: Jan 10


Friday, January 10, 2014



The Big Six: Riding retreats 
From South Africa to Argentina, England to Dubai, Australia to the US…The Independent
The Maldives: beyond the beach
The Maldives are rightly appreciated for their perfect white sands and crystal-clear seas. But their rich cultural heritage is also well worth investigating … Telegraph (London)

Tours and Activities

London's first pay-per-minute cafe: will the idea catch on?
Ziferblat is London's first pay-per-minute cafe, based on a Russian chain where 'everything is free, except the time you spend there'… Misc
10 Cheapest Backpacking Cities In South And Central America
South America and Central America are meccas for backpackers seeking an adventure, without spending a lot of money. But with so much to see, how do you pick a place to start?… The Huffington Post
Why Walk?
The writer Robert Macfarlane talks about the transformative power of seeing the world one step at at time… New York Times


The World's Largest Cruise Ships
To be honest, the world's 10 largest cruise ships are more like small cities than little schooners… The Huffington Post
Man Overboards: Questions and Answers
Four passengers and one crewmember have jumped or fallen off cruise ships in the past three weeks. With just 11 reported incidents by the Cruise Lines International Association in 2013, five in such a short time is notable. Here are answers to some questions you might be asking about passengers going overboard cruise ships…


Delta to refurbish narrowbody fleet
Delta Air Lines today announced plans to spend more than $770 million through 2016 to refurbish 225 of it domestic narrowbody aircraft… USA Today
JetBlue tries to repair the damage
JetBlue Airways' recovery from several days of hellish service problems continued on Wednesday, but its efforts to satisfy angry customers are just getting started… CNN


8 elegant U.S. mansion hotels 
Ever dreamed of living in a grand house with 30-foot ceilings, a fireplace in every room and a backyard so big you need a map to find your way around? For the cost of a night's stay you can… CNN
Castle hotels: The Fab Five
Five of the best castle hotels in destinations including Dundee, Cumbria and the Isle of Mull … Telegraph (London)

Other and Odd

7 Vacation Activities You're Simply Too Old To Do After 30 
It hits you, not always gradually, but often suddenly: That overwhelming feeling that you're just too damn old to commit to certain activities, especially while on vacation… The Huffington Post
Travel Trends and the Year Ahead
Mark Rabe, a data-marketing executive, talks about notable shifts in how we research and book our trips… New York Times

TRO Smith

Google+ for the travel industry
When organizing travel, Google accompanies us from start to finish. Most of us will use Google Search to get inspired by articles and photos before searching for reviews and the best booking platforms. We will also use it for research during our trip, perhaps using Google Maps to find directions, or finding social networking sites through Google to share our experience with others on our return… TRO Smith


365 Guide Tip for the Day

5 Words to Jump Start 2014 – Fun!
We are in an amazing industry, one that should give each of us reason to smile. We connect people to their travel dreams. Some of the best memories anyone will ever have will be related to their travels… Travel Research Online

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