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TRO Travelgram: Jan 23


Thursday, January 23, 2014



Europe's Best Hidden Beaches
Don't fancy sharing your patch of sand with thousands of other sun seekers? heads off the beaten track to uncover Europe's best hidden beaches, secluded shorelines and secret coves… The Huffington Post
Don't trash Jersey until you've traveled it
It's been quite some time since someone made fun of me for being from New Jersey. But the Gov. Chris Christie bridge scandal is bringing the old Joisey stereotypes back into play… CNN

Tours and Activities

America's Strangest Restaurants
With waitresses dressed as sexy nurses and a Guinness World Record for "Most Calorific Burger," this Las Vegas attraction is surely an only-in-America experience… The Huffington Post
Sneak peek inside Harry Potter World's Diagon Alley
Is waiting in a six-hour line worth it? For 23-year-old University of Central Florida student Kaitlin Kilpatrick, it is. That's how long she's willing to wait to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -- Diagon Alley when it opens this summer at Universal Studios Florida… USA Today
In Cape Town, Fashion With a Side of Fries
The South African city is dotted with hybrid businesses, from clothing shops that serve food to a laundry that doubles as a dim sum bar… New York Times


Carnival signs 15 big name artists to play ships
In a major move to upgrade its entertainment offerings, industry giant Carnival today announced it had booked more than a dozen big name musical artists to play its ships over the coming year… USA Today
South Carolina Court Dismisses Cruise Lawsuit Against Carnival
The South Carolina Supreme Court has dismissed a suit against Carnival Cruise Lines that claimed cruise operations in downtown Charleston were unlawful and adversely affecting the city's residents…


Southwest posts record earnings
Southwest continued its winning streak, closing a record-breaking year with a record-setting December quarter profit of $212 million… USA Today
United thinks it has a way keep attendants set for furlough
United Airlines said it has found a way to keep 688 flight attendants who are set to be furloughed on April 1… USA Today


Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa hotel, Luxor: review
Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, in Egypt, is a Luxor hotel offering immaculate rooms, a great choice of restaurants and views of the river Nile, close the to the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple…Telegraph (London)
Hotel Review: Arts Boutique Hotel B in Lima, Peru
This property, which opened in July, is like a trip back to the Peru of the 1920s — complete with striking artwork, stellar service and romantic interiors… New York Times

Other and Odd

How to beat the queues at the world's busiest attractions
They're monumental . . . and that's just the lines to get in. Don't let the queues at the world's busiest tourist attractions defeat you. Julietta Jameson reveals how to beat the crowds for 20 major sights from the Taj Mahal to the Tower of London… Sydney Morning Herald 
Beyond Restaurants: 8 Ways to Savor a Local Food Scene 
Eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant can give you a delicious taste of the local food scene -- but look beyond restaurants and you could get an even more memorable experience. See eight unique ways to savor new foods while traveling…
10 travel mistakes that will ruin your life
From contracting parasites and bedbugs to illegally crossing a border or racking up exorbitant cellular fees, these 10 travel errors could have serious health or financial consequences that will haunt you long after your vacation is over… USA Today

TRO Smith

A few quick tricks to master video marketing
Video marketing is becoming an integral channel for all types of companies and businesses. Videos are an informative and entertaining medium for consumers. It is no secret visual marketing is the future for marketing, in particular for travel marketing… TRO Smith

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