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MARSEILLE – (January 30, 2014) - Le Lyrial, the latest addition to French-flaggedCompagnie du Ponant's luxury fleet will be launched in the Spring of 2015, adding a fourth sister ship to a superb series of signature vessels offering yacht style expedition cruising.


The state-of-the-art Le Lyrial will join similarly designed sister ships Le Boréal (2010),L’Austral (2011) and Le Soléal (2013) to offer guests an intimate and sophisticated style of sailing aboard one of the newest fleets on the seas. Le Lyrial will sail her inaugural cruise in April 2015.



Le Lyrial refers to the Lyra constellation in the northern hemisphere. Its principal star is the blue Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky which is on its way to becoming the next northern pole star, a fitting reference for a Five Star Expedition specialist of the polar regions.



Like the rest of the fleet, Le Lyrial embodies the ‘Yacht Cruises’ universe as conceived by Compagnie du Ponant, a subtle combination of intimacy, authenticity and elegance with the inimitable “French touch.”


The interior design, cozy yet contemporary, has again been entrusted to interior architect Jean-Philippe Nuel. He will be working closely with Veronique Saadé, Deputy Managing Director of Compagnie du Ponant, to create a “yachting” feel inspired by the dream destinations the company visits and the blue light of the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. The result will be a subtle variation around a palette of blues, ranging from the luminous delicate grey-blue of the Polar ice to splashes of the vivid turquoise blue found in Mediterranean coves.



To meet its clientele’s expectations, Compagnie du Ponant has redesigned Deck 6 on Le Lyrial to accommodate larger suites, up to 600 sq. ft. for the Owner’s Suite. As a result Le Lyrial will have 122 staterooms and suites compared to the 132 on Le SoléalL’Austral andLe Boréal.


Certified a CLEANSHIP like her sister ships, this exceptional yacht will be cruising round the Mediterranean for her inaugural season, to Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and beyond, before heading to the icy shores of Antarctica.



About Compagnie du Ponant

Since its founding by two French Merchant Navy officers in 1988, Compagnie du Ponant has taken to the sea with intimate ships that offer the essence of private luxury yachting with inspired French sensibility and custom technology to preserve fragile marine ecosystems. The world's only French cruise line celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013 with the July launch of its fourth state-of-the-art vessel, the 132-staterooom Le Soléal, and the announcement that a new yacht is on order to join the fleet in the spring of 2015.


Able to sail in waters not accessible to larger ships, Le Boréal, L’Austral and Le Soléal(132-staterooms and suites) and Le Ponant (32-staterooms) the four sleek Compagnie du Ponant yachts visit exotic ports not found on many itineraries, allowing 64 to 264 guests to discover engaging new experiences aboard and ashore during 3- to 21-night cruises that span the globe. Options abound, from five-star polar expeditions, cultural cruises and ocean voyages to music - (jazz, classical, opera and more), golf- and culinary-themed cruises. All cruises feature attentive service from a convivial crew fluent in English and French, luxuriously appointed staterooms and suites, gourmet cuisine and fine wine, and carefully curated excursions.

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