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Loved to death in Paris



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What you need to know this week 

Loved to death in Paris. We kick off this week's newsletter with a story about tourists loving a bridge too much. Stuart Gustafson tells the bizarre but true tale

Travelers United is coming. We are only a few hours from officially launching our new member organization for travelers. Visit Travelers United now and join. 

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This week's burning question 

What's you travel pet peeve? I'm working on a story about the things that drive you crazy when you're on the road. I'm interested in any recent stories -- positive or negative -- about what set you off and how you handled it. Here's my email address. 

The latest news from Away is Home 

A real adventure in Utah's canyons 
Utah is synonymous with scenic canyons. With its trademark Delicate Arch on every state license plate, how can it not be? Well, call us canyon skeptics. 

Warning! These falling stars could ruin your next hotel stay
On a recent business trip to Atlanta with my family, it all became as clear to me as the stars in the southern sky. 

This dirty hotel secret makes me sick!
The plastic cup war, as I like to call it, broke out after an exhilarating morning of spring skiing in Snow Basin, Utah, after we stopped for lunch at the mountain base cafeteria. 

Mind if I take a nap on your shoulder?
On a recent flight from Dallas to Tampa, I sat directly behind my 15-year-old son, Will, and watched as he drifted off to sleep. 

The Rum Doodle – a vintage lesson in English culture
How could you not wish to spend a night, or more, at a Bed & Breakfast quaintly named the Rum Doodle? 

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