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I've lost my Pre-check status and I can't get it back!



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Join Travelers United now. We've just launched, so why wait another minute? You can join Travelers United right now. We're making travel better for everyone

I've lost my Pre-check status and I can't get it back! Getting on the TSA's pre-approved list of "safe" passengers is relatively easy. Getting off the list is even easier. I explain in my USA Today column

Who are the top family travel bloggers? Here are the candidates - please vote now. And don't forget to tell us who your favorite videographer is. Also, vote for your favorite theme park bloggertop cruise bloggerand best Twitter personality in travel. The polling ends soon. 

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This week's burning question 

Insincere offers (and how to get around them). I'm looking for recent examples of offers that appear to be sincere, but end up being a disappointment. For example, frequent flier miles that expire before they can be used, or a voucher for a meal that can only be redeemed at certain locations. I'm particularly interested in creative ways travelers have persuaded companies to honor their word. I'd love to include your story in an upcoming column. Here's my email address. 

The latest news from Elliott 

What is this "thing” in my airline meal – and what are you going to do about it?
If you're a regular reader of this site, it may seem hard to believe, but even first-class passengers sometimes need help. 

I have a brain tumor – can I get a refund on my non-refundable ticket?
When Sam Baker's case crossed my desk, I instinctively jumped to the same conclusion many of you will. 

The developmentally disabled face extra challenges when flying
If everything had gone according to plan, Eileen Schofield wouldn't have been lost after she landed at the airport in Baltimore. 

Is your travel agent biased?
Ever wondered if you're getting the lowest airfare or the best possible routing when you buy a plane ticket? 

I can't walk, so how can I fly?
Catherine Brubaker won't be able to fly from Wichita, Kan., to Fort Myers, Fla., after breaking her ankle. 

Help! Verizon overbilled my mother
Mindy Reyes' mother is facing a big phone bill from Verizon for service she didn't order. Can this be fixed? 

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