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The Flu and travel insurance


 It’s being reported that the flu has reached epidemic proportions in some areas of the United States.  How does this effect travel insurance? 


The answer might surprise you.  Normally cancellations or medical expenses caused by the flu are covered events under most travel insurance plans as long as the policy was purchased prior to contracting the disease.  However, some travel insurance plans have introduced an exclusion in their policies that eliminates coverage for losses caused by epidemics. 


QuoteWright recommends that travelers examine travel insurance plans closely before buying to make sure their plan covers the possibility of getting the flu even if it’s considered an epidemic.  John Cook, President of QuoteWright and a leading travel insurance expert, recommends “that travelers review the covered reasons found in trip cancellation and policy exclusions to make sure coverage would apply”.   Cook says “these are the two areas in travel policies where restrictions caused by epidemics might be lurking.  During the flu season it makes sense to find a plan that covers epidemics”.

About QuoteWright -  QuoteWright is a travel insurance comparison website that was established in 2001 and is headquartered in East Hartford, CT. Ever since it's creation it has been assisting travelers in finding appropriate travel insurance coverage.  The principals of QuoteWright are nationally known and respected experts in the field of travel insurance and have more than 70 years of combined experience. Interested parties can find QuoteWright at or by calling them at 800-821-4940.

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