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 Highly Personal Journeys in 2015 Sabbaticals, Tracking & Trekking
LONDON - (January 28, 2015) - How better to kick off a new you in a new year than by planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Henrietta Loyd, the founder and co-owner of luxury travel planner cazenove + loyd, can facilitate your dreams of going somewhere/doing something you have longed to do and might not do again. Here are some thoughts to inspire your own highly personal journey:
Tracking primates in the forests of Uganda or Rwanda can be the most moving life experience. Observe these incredible creatures in their natural habitat and draw your own conclusions regarding mankind’s evolution.   
Tracking other endangered species such as jaguar in the lesser-known parts of of Brazil, the Pantanal, is an extraordinary experience. cazenove + loyd an arrange time with renowned conservationist, where you will have your own private guide and probably be the only guest. For those who prefer to be on the move and not as isolated, the area is abundant with choices,                                                          us/central-and-south-america/brazil/pantanal
A trek in an incredible part of the world can be both a challenge and a personal conquest. cazenove+loyd have taken clients on Travesias in South America crossing from Chile to Bolivia and on to the Salt Flats of Uyuni, climbing volcanoes by day and sleeping in converted shipping containers at night.
If you dream of seeing the Himalayas, cazenove+loyd can organize personally guided treks in Bhutan and Northern India. Imagine breath-taking scenery and personal introductions to local monks at your own pace for a journey of personal discovery.
And for those whose tracking is of a less physical nature, you can benefit from cazenove +loyd’s carefully curated network of contacts. Let these experts, from professors, architects, historians, authors to photographers and scientists, take you deep into their personal worlds. Introductions have included a visit to a ship-building yard in Oman for its maritime history and a remote weaving community high in the Andes. Anything is possible!

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