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15-second Safaris


The exceptional guides at Passage to Africa get to witness some extraordinary spectacles. Step into their world for just 15 seconds and experience Africa through their eyes then go forth and create your own 15 seconds!
1. How To Get a Meerkat To Sit On Your Head!

Forget the Big 5, these tiny denizens of the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana will delight and enthral for hours!
2. Serengeti Migration With The ‘Bewilderbeest’!

Noise, confusion, indecision, huge herds, the smell, the dust.... this is the Serengeti migration!
Wildebeest are not the brightest...... #bewilderbeest!


3. Gorilla Trekking Up Close

Watching these powerful yet peaceful giants as they interact, feed and go about their daily routine, often oblivious to your presence is a rare privilege and one of life's profound experiences. It is a humbling experience, made even more poignant by such close range observation. Each face is different portraying its personality; beautiful, expressive, bold, curious and noble.
5. 10 Million Bats

The spectacular bat migration in Kasanka, Zambia. 
Up to 10 million straw-colored fruit bats from across the Congo Basin converge on the forest, enticed by the abundance of fruit delicacies such as musuku, mufinsa and mango.
4. Sitting On The Edge Of Oblivion!

Would you dare sit on the edge of oblivion?
 Devils Pool, Victoria Falls
6. Big Bird, The GoPro Pelican Of Mahale

Big Bird is the pelican who was separated from his flock during a storm and washed up abandoned on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Taken in by the staff at Greystoke Mahale, Big Bird was nurtured back to full health. Jeffrey, the camp manager, took Big Bird out each morning to fish and learn how to feed himself. Big Bird recently passed away, but his memory lives on in the spirit of African Safari. Read Michael Lorentz's tribute to Big Bird; at
7. The Incredible Desert Elephants Of Namibia