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‘Arts of Islam’ Exhibition


 Now Showing at the Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace, managed by Kempinski Hotels, has fast become the
cultural landmark of the Middle East. Already playing host to a vast
array of artistic events, from Aida to Elton John, the Palace is
currently showcasing one of the world's largest and most impressing
Islamic Art exhibitions. With over 500 pieces of Islamic artwork, dating
back to over 1,000 years, the Arts of Islam: Treasures of the Khalili
Collections exhibition is one the largest and rarest exhibitions in the

Some of the unique collection of the worlds finest Islamic Art is being
shown to the public for the first time.

The Arts of Islam exhibition, which was inspired by the saying:
‘Truly God is beautiful and loves all beauty” runs at Gallery One
in the Emirates Palace until April 22nd, 2008. Professor Nasser Khalili,
Iranian scholar, collector and Benefactor, said the exhibition is
showcasing over 500 works constituting an important art asset of the
Khalili Family Trust of 20,000 pieces portraying the wonderful
achievements of the Islamic art and its far-reaching evolutional impact
on different countries of the world.
A breathtaking collection of Islamic exquisite treasures, antiques and
paintings, covering the period from the 7th to 20th century, are
included in the Emirates Palace gallery. One of the most rare and finest
works on display is a bound holy Quran written in Kofi calligraphy dated
back to the sixth Hijri century.

The work reflects the great attention and care lent to the holy book in
terms of script and colour which was sometimes laced with gold and
silver fonts.
An old and unrivalled panoramic water-paining drawing for the holy city
of Makkah painted in 1843 is also on display. The works on display have
been specifically chosen to illustrate the development of Islam’s rich
artistic heritage over a period of some 1400 years and have originated
from the Far East, China, India, Iran, the Middle East and North Africa
and Spain.

The subjects covered in this exciting exhibition include religion,
science, poetry, literature, calligraphy, painting and architecture, in
addition to the decorative arts. Visitors can enjoy during the tour of
the exhibition watching the finest in textiles, pottery and ceramic,
carpets, books and manuscripts, jewels, coins, paintings, wood engraving
works, metalware, glassware, calligraphy, portraits and belongings of
sultans. The event epitomises the determination of the Government of Abu
Dhabi to transform the city into the cultural capitol of UAE and the
Middle East by hosting premier global cultural and artistic events.

To book direct, contact Emirates Palace on 00971 2 690 7150/1 or email

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