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Trusted Adventures - Follow the Leader


Trusted Adventures
Ask Any Adventure Traveler A Great Guide Makes A Great Trip

Follow the Leader

What makes a great tour guide? Travel around enough and you probably have your own criteria. A sense of humor is essential. The ability to juggle multiple tasks with endless energy, ease and competence ranks high as well. Local knowledge is a must and profound love and pride in his or her country is a wonderful trait that can make you feel welcome and at home in a distant land. A great guide wears many hats; a chauffeur, a repairman, an entertainer, a chef, an educator, a magician, lion tamer and if needed, a nurse. One thing is also for certain, a great guide has a dedicated following. We hear it all the time, "just tell me where (insert name) is guiding this season and that's where I want to go!" That's why it was no easy task when we asked each member company of Trusted Adventures to come up with their top candidate for guide of the year. The ballots are in and here is our list of the Greatest Guides. The trick now is getting a spot on one of the trips they'll be leading this year!


Miso Poduje
ROW Adventures

Born and raised on the island of Vis in the Adriatic, Miso is a fifth-generation vintner and has guided ROW Adventures' Croatian yacht tours for eight years. Miso has an uncanny knack for anticipating guests' needs and a deep knowledge of Croatian history and regional wine. His contacts on the islands open many doors to special invitations and local events. Join Miso this summer for an 11-day tour of the stunning Dalmation Coast.

Where Miso is Guiding in 2008:
Yachting in Croatia

Trip Dates:
June 27-July 7, September 12-22 and September 18-28
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Eric Bonal
The Wayfarers

"Papa Duck" started as a Wayfarers Walk Leader 12 years ago when he retired as a colonel and helicopter pilot from the French Army corps. A charismatic raconteur, Eric brings witty and lively conversation to the trail - always as inspiring as the scenery! French through and through Eric likes nothing better than to share his enthusiasm for his country every step of the way. Walkers may find themselves learning about mushroom cultivation or meeting a horse of the Cadre Noir.

Where Eric is Guiding in 2008:
The Loire: River of Kings

Trip Dates:
June 1-7 and August 17-23
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Tom Litjens
Euro-Bike and Walking Tours

An EBT guide since 1990, Tom is known by all those who travel with him as sincere, caring and calm. He is of Dutch-Indonesian descent and speaks five languages fluently. Tom has called the Netherlands, Germany, India and Costa Rica home over the years. Among other tours, Tom will be leading trips in Germany this year.

Where Tom is Guiding in 2008:
Enchanted Germany

Trip Dates:
August 30-September 5
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Dr. Antonia Neubauer
Myths and Mountains

Chairperson and READ Global Founder, Dr. Neubauer is also President of Myths and Mountains. A former language teacher and educational researcher, she focused on literacy in Philadelphia and served as a consultant to the Lilly Endowment and the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Neubauer has chaired many boards, including the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition. She has traveled to Nepal at least 20 times since 1983. Her numerous awards include the Friend of Nepal award by the Association of Nepalis in the Americas and the 2006 Walk the Talk Global Citizen Award.

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