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Grenada Resort Emerges As 'Green' Trendsetter







GRENADA (Mar. 11, 2008) – With its own desalinization plant, energy-efficient products, and a strong ‘reduce, reuse, renew’ mindset, the luxurious Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada ( has emerged on the green hotel scene as one of the most environmentally conscious properties in the Caribbean – proving you can be committed to the environment without compromising elegant appeal.


A testament to its environmental efforts, Spice Island Beach Resort was named one of the top 15 green hotels in an article that appeared in the November 2007 issue of Travel + Leisure. 


“Conservation and preserving the environment are key factors in how we manage our entire hotel operation,” said Sir Royston O. Hopkin, KCMG, owner and chairman of Spice Island Beach Resort. 


“What distinguishes us among many in the marketplace is how we successfully blend environmental consciousness with a premium, upscale vacation experience, where attention to detail on every level from food and beverage to our environmentally-friendly practices is of paramount importance,” Hopkin added.


Recognizing its responsibility to conservation and the environment, Spice Island Beach Resort has put into effect an impressive list of policies based on reducing energy and water consumption, recycling and utilizing environmentally-friendly alternatives when available.  Following is an outline of the resort’s current practices:


* Use of solar rooftop heaters for all hot water needs.


* Use of energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the property and outside lights on timers.


* Turning off air conditioners when rooms aren’t occupied and encouraging guests to conserve as well.


* Utilizing water from the sea (during the dry season) through an on-property desalinization plant (where seawater is desalinized into fresh water).


* Grinding of used bath soap to make laundry detergent for the washing of uniforms.


* Purification of the main swimming pool and private pools in the Anthurium, Luxury Almond and Royal Collection Suites by the chemical-free Auto Pilot system, which uses salt as opposed to chlorine (the resort has converted 295,000 gallons of water).  Swimming in salt water of 0.3 – 0.5 percent has positive health effects such as eliminating problems with dry skin, damaged hair and red eyes.  


* Composting and maintenance of a vegetable and herb garden that supplies the kitchen with many fresh ingredients.


* Meter readings – water and electricity done daily and communicated at morning meetings.


* 1.5 gpm aerators installed on all taps in the bathrooms and on some kitchen sinks.


* Reuse of office paper for internal printing and old towels as kitchen and housekeeping washcloths.


* Printing hotel letterhead on 25% recycled paper.


* Use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products (most cleaning products are food-based, non-toxic and phosphate-free).


* Purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally and organically.


* Purchase of energy-efficient electrical appliances and water conservation devices.


* Incorporation of native plants into the landscaping, replanting of trees, placement of garbage containers on Grand Anse Beach, and clean-ups of reefs and the surrounding Mourne Rouge area.


* Reduction of the use of gas-powered lawnmowers by 50%.  The resort now uses push-reel lawnmowers throughout the property, which are actually better for the grass (Rotary mowers tear the grass while reel mowers cut the grass like scissors, leaving a fine spray of cuttings as mulch for the yard).


* Empowering each employee as an “Environmental Agent” by providing them with the necessary training and education on the resort’s environmental practices, policies and objectives.  The resort also has a Green Team comprised of staff supervisors and managers to oversee and implement the environmental program.


“We are proud of our environmental efforts and how they make a difference in our operation without sacrificing the resort’s elegant appeal and luxury vacation experience,” noted Hopkin.  “I consider our resort a true trendsetter in the growing ‘green’ marketplace,” he added.


Further evidence of Hopkin’s commitment to the environment, he is chairman of the Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST), a position he has held for five years.  CAST is a non-profit entity established in 1997 to promote responsible environmental and social management of natural and heritage resources respectively within the hotel and tourism sector.


Spice Island Beach Resort has also achieved the prestigious Green Globe Benchmarked Certificate under the Green Globe Certification program, which recognizes the resort’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard.  Achieving this distinction means the resort is on the path to securing the coveted Green Globe Certification. 


Spice was the first property on Grenada to be Green Globe Certified (in 2004); the certification expired during the time the resort was closed (as a result of Hurricane Ivan).  During the $12 million rebuilding and renovation project that ensued, the resort made sure to keep environmentally-conscious operating procedures in mind because attaining Green Globe Certification upon completion of the project was a definitive goal.  The property re-opened in December 2005 and unveiled an unmatched level of accommodations and unprecedented brand of chic style and timeless luxury in the Caribbe
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