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FalconGuides Presents the New-- Passport To Your NationalParksŪ Companion Guides


Like the wildly popular geocaching and its older cousin letterboxing, Passport To Your National ParksŪ stamp collecting is a nationwide treasure hunt and national phenomenon. The Passport To Your National ParksŪ program for collecting unique cancellation stamps is available at every national park, memorial, monument, battlefield, seashore, lakeshore, and historic site in the National Park Service system, including affiliate sites. Until now there has been no comprehensive guide to help visitors locate and collect the estimated 1,500 unique cancellation stamps found throughout the national park system.

The Passport To Your National ParksŪ program began more than twenty years ago and has engaged millions of people, hundreds of thousands of whom travel to the parks every year to hunt for additional stamps. Finding the stamps has not been so easy, however. Parks purposely place cancellation stamps throughout their sites often in hard-to-find spots in an attempt to attract collectors to remote locations and rarely visited historic buildings.

This brand new series is launching nine regional Passport To Your National ParksŪ Companion Guides that detail the exact location of every stamp with detailed directions and stamping tips, as well as interpretive content to help collectors enjoy to the fullest each national park visit they make.

If you have ever stood in front of a closed visitor center and peeked in the window to see Passport stamp and inkpad on a counter inches away-so close, and yet so inaccessible-you need these comprehensive guidebooks to keep you from  wasting precious travel time and dashing hopes of obtaining one more stamp.

About the Author
Randi Minetor is an avid Passport stamp collector, having personally traveled to more than 225 properties in the National Park Service system and collected hundreds of cancellation stamps. She lives in Rochester, NY.

FalconGuidesŪ is proud to announce the release of the first three, in a series of nine regional Passport To Your National ParksŪ Companion Guides which include:

Passport To Your National ParksŪ Companion Guide: Southeast Region
Includes: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

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