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Choosing the Best Outfitted Adventure


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee- Planning an adventure vacation with an outfitter is easier than planning an extended trip on your own. Years of experience with first-time adventurers have prepared outfitters for your questions. Remember, on those longer, guided trips there's no meal planning, cooking or dishwashing, a real treat for mom. Today, many outfitters also provide cabins or lodges. Most outfitters are particularly adept at entertaining families with an all inclusive package that includes meals and most activities. What issues should you consider while planning an adventure vacation? One of the attractions of an outdoor adventure is that you are exposed to the wonders and the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Here are some essential issues to inquire about when considering your adventure vacation with an outfitter. ? How much experience should you have, if any, and what are the physical conditioning requirements under the most challenging circumstances? Make sure all in your group are comfortable with them. ? Advise the outfitter of any medical or dietary issues that might present themselves during the trip. Ask about their ability to deal with those conditions. Some trips have ready access to emergency services, others do not. ? Ask for references if you don't know the company. ? Some companies with extensive transportation costs may apply a fuel surcharge, which is usually described in advance. ? Understand the cancellation policy and under what conditions you can expect a refund of your deposit if at all. ? Are there pre and post trip lodging required that are not included in the package (usually required if you are headed out on a backcountry trip)? Make sure you get those reservations well in advance. ? Consider buying trip cancellation insurance, but you should not expect a refund or coverage simply for a cancellation for your convenience. Medical evacuation coverage should be considered if traveling abroad. America Outdoors's consumer website provides easy to follow guidelines on how to plan a trip and how to choose an outfitter that is right for your vacation or outing. Members of America Outdoors (AO), an international association of outfitters and guides, provide a wide range of adventure activities that include whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding and horse packing, wilderness camping, hiking, fishing trips, bike tours, and dude ranches. Professional outfitter members of America Outdoors make the experience easy for first time adventurers by helping travelers decide which trip is appropriate for solo, group, and family travelers. For more information about how America Outdoors can help you and your children enjoy the great outdoors, visit or contact David Brown at 865-558-3595. ______________________
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