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Thailand Tourism eNewsletter Vol 48 March 2008


Thailand Tourism eNewsletter

Volume 48-March, 2008

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Welcome to the Thailand Tourism e-Newsletter – your guide to the latest news and information from Thailand!


The celebration of the Thai New Year, the Songkran Festival, begins in April and always proves one of the most festive months for the Thai people. The Songkran celebration is the central event in Thailand and the peak season for family gatherings. For visitors who love Thailand’s festivals, there is no better time to arrive.

A period of transition, the festival is also a time for new beginnings. Songkran, derived from Sanskrit, means 'a move over' or 'change', marking the time when the sun leaves Pisces and shifts into the Aries zodiac for the beginning of a new solar year. The date is now fixed from April 13th the 15th, during which people go to a nearby Thai Wat (temple) to pray and give food to monks. Apart from religious rejuvenation, water also symbolizes the end of the dry season. The holiday’s water ceremony began as just a pouring of a small amount of water on a visitor’s hands as a sign of respect and purification. Today, water fights break out sporadically all across Bangkok for Songkran's duration, which is often a relief from the warm temperatures.

For more information on the Thai New Year please visit or Sawatdi Pi Mai – Happy Thai New Year.


Bangornrat Shinaprayoon

Songkran Customs and Traditions

Songkran Day has been celebrated as New Year’s Day in the Thai solar calendar since ancient times. The date coincides with the day the sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries usually falling on April 13 of each year. The underlying significance is the cleansing or purging of all ills, misfortune and evil – starting the New Year afresh with all that is good and pure. Songkran is celebrated over a 3-day period and each day on which Songran falls has its own meaning and activities. Songkran Day is the day to make merit for three full days; Maha Songkran Day or the end of old year (13th of April), Wan Klang or Wan Nao or preparation day (14th of April) and New Year's Day or Wan Taleung Sok (15th of April).

Songkran tips and etiquette:
* To prevent accidents, do not throw water at moving vehicles, mopeds or cars
* Be sure to drink lots of water as temperatures can be high this time of year
* Sealable plastic bags are recommended to protect valuables in that can be damaged by water (mobile phone, cameras
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