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The Prestigious La Jolla Motor Car Classic


656 Fifth Avenue Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92101 619.233.5008
Fax: 619.233.0898


The La Jolla Motor Car Classic

Celebrating Four Years of Exceptional Showmanship

La Jolla Cove, La Jolla, CAThe La Jolla Motor Classic is quickly becoming one of Southern California’s premier car shows. The exquisite automobiles that turn out are among the finest in the country and the number of spectators visiting the show has grown year after year. Over the past four years, the La Jolla Motor Car Classic has honored Italian marques, 50’s and Woodies, British Marques and in 2008 paid homage to Horseless Carriages and CCCA Classics. Among it’s honorees were Paul Emple’s 1930 Minerva as Best in Show, Jonathan Segal’s 1962 XKE Roadster as the Directors Award, Dan Seeman’s 1909 Buick Model F Touring Car winning the Horseless Carriage Class and James Clark’s 1936 Packard in the CCCA Classic Custom Coachwork Class. In total twenty-one awards were given out for automotive excellence.
This free event draws thousands of spectators and car aficionados to the breathtaking La Jolla Cove. Not only is this site the perfect location to showcase these amazing automobiles, but is a wonderful way for the entire family to enjoy all of the luxury that La Jolla is famous for. Event participants along with spectators can dine in any of the world class restaurants; visit the many art galleries, to see or purchase fine art from world renowned artists in every possible medium; and shop till they drop in the quaint boutiques along with leading retailers. La Jolla is an international destination for millions of visitors a year and with the Annual La Jolla Motor Car Classic, many of those visitors, along with thousands of locals and Southern California inhabitants, are able to take in the picturesque vignette’s and panoramic views of this spectacular community and the Pacific Ocean, not to mention the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most coveted automobiles in the country.
The 2008 La Jolla Motor Car Classic was the most amazing and successful show to date. The array of Classic vehicles was spectacular and the juried show was one of the most challenging to date for the expert judges, but after much inspection, the judges awarded sixteen of these elite winners trophies for excellence in their classes. In addition to the sixteen class winners, the judges also awarded five specialty trophies. The 2008 winners were as follows:
Class Winners
            Horseless Carriage (pre-1916): Dan Seeman: 1909 Buick/ Model F/ Touring
            CCCA Classics (Thru 1948) Custom Coachwork: James Clark, Crevier Classic Cars: 1936             Packard/ 120 Victoria/ LeBaron Custom Convertible
            CCCA Classics (Thru 1948) Open Production Cars: Ralph Allen: 1934 Packard/Touring                  CCCA Classics (Thru 1948) Closed Production Cars: Gordan Wangers: 1933                                 Marmon/16 Victoria/ Coupe
            Pre-War Open Production Cars: Chris Feddersohn: 1929 Ford/ A/ Roadster
            Post-War American Cars thru 1972:  Warren Reidel: 1963 Ford/ Thunderbird/ Convertible             Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars (Thru 1968):  Ken and Ann Smith: 1966                             Rolls-Royce/ Phantom V/ State Landaulette
            Woodies (Thru 1953): Alan Holmes: 1946 Ford/ Super Deluxe/ Woodie Wagon
            Fifties 50’s (Stock): Steve and Lupita Halluska: 1958 Chevrolet/ Impala/ 2dr HT
            Muscle Cars (Stock) (1964-1972): David Baun: Pontiac/ Catalina 2+2/ 2 dr HT
            American Sports Cars (Thru 1972): Bill Shenk: 1953 Corvette/ Convertible
            British Sports Cars (Thru 1972): Jonathan Segal: 1962 Jaguar/ E-Type/ OTS
            German Sports Cars (Thru 1972): Bud Anderson: 1955 Mercedes Benz/ 300 SL/ Gullwing
            Italian Sports Cars (Thru 1972): Jonathan Segal: 1964 Ferrari/ 250 GT Lusso/ Coupe
            Race Cars (Thru 1972): Ted Gildred: 1959 Porsche/ 904 GTS/ Racecar
            Special Interest (Thru 1972): Carl Herrman: 1971 Citroen 2CV/ AK 400 Fourgonette/                     Truckette
Specialty Categories
            Directors Award - Jonathan Segal: 1962 XKE Roadster
            People's Choice Award - Barry Penn: 1958 Corvette Convertible
            Phillip Wichard Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Design - Paul Emple: 1930 Minerva
            Reserve Best in Show: David France: 1940 Packard Darrin
            2008 Best in Show: Paul Emple: 1930 Minerva

After the achievements of the last four years, the 2009 event is destined for success and is already appearing to be one of the most exquisite years for exhibition yet. The chosen marques for 2009 are the ultimate American driving machines as the La Jolla Motor Car Classic pays tribute to American Sportscars. Next years spectators will be treated to the very vehicles that shaped our country’s automotive history. Some of the cars that will be on display will be powerful Corvettes, Cobras, two-passenger T-Birds, and the Kaiser Darrin, one of the most sought after sports cars in America.
Not only does the La Jolla Motor Car Classic allow car enth
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