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New website helps travelers take their first steps for deciding where to vacation—and when is the ideal time to get there.

No one wants to be disappointed by bad weather or unexpected expenses during a vacation. So the first task of planning a successful get-away is not booking the airline tickets. It’s not securing a good hotel room. The very first thing travelers should do is to arm themselves with the right information to eliminate most bad surprises. While there are no guarantees when it comes to rain or people or prices, the introduction of makes the task of first deciding on a destination much easier. (BTTG) is a new travel-tools website to help research and compare potential destinations based on the factors that really matter, including weather conditions and costs. BTTG contains concise information for popular and off-the-beaten-path locations all over the world that helps to plan unforgettable vacations. Visitors can look at restaurant menus in Cairo, or check out a hotel in Bangkok, or see the tourist sites of Boston—all in one place, and all accessed by direct links. In fact, BTTG features more than over 19,000 direct, individually researched Internet links going to travel related businesses like lodgings, restaurants, car services, and travel agents.

Creator and owner Mike Richards began work on BTTG three years ago after a life-long slate of travel. A resident of Agoura, California, Richards has visited hundreds of destinations throughout the world, including the Peruvian peaks of Machu Picchu, South America’s Amazon River, and the holy sites of Jerusalem. “I firmly believe that travel is an investment in yourself,” he says.

BestTimeToGo Travel Tools

The BTTG website is compatible with all browsers, and it even works on Safari for Apple iPhone and Blackberry. The development team continuously updates the site with specific information gathered from avid travelers, government agencies, and other reliable resources. When visitors click on a potential vacation city, they’ll find easily manageable travel pages with concise information including:

  • Full city profiles with weather patterns, videos, and a list of national holidays
  • The ability to compare two cities side-by-side
  • List of best cities around the world to visit based on the month of the year
  • Destinations listed according to their best-weather months
  • Direct links to hotels, restaurants, and other businesses
  • Travel packages and transportation that can be arranged by professionals

Visitors to the site will also discover that BTTG has calculated a Tourist Cost of Living for each destination. This is a U.S. dollar amount based on a real tourist expenses. While budgets vary according to personal preferences, different attractions to be enjoyed, and even which part of a city to be visited, this calculation provides estimated totals of standard daily expenses.

A Free Service with Unbiased Information

BTTG is not a website for flight- or hotel-booking because it’s not a middleman. It has no preferences to travel services. The website links visitors to the restaurants and hotels so they can arrange directly from the sources without third-party booking fees.

The BTTG features will work for avid travelers and would-be globe-trekkers alike because considerable effort has gone into insuring that easy navigation is a top priority. No matter which itinerary is being built—whether it’s for one of the most traveled places on Earth or somewhere more remote and exotic, whether for luxury travel or vacation on a budget—BTTG travelers can research and compare potential destinations throughout the world in one place. For more information, please visit, or contact Mike Richards:

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