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Macau Newsletter: April 2008




New Hotels In Macau

The relentless development of hotels in Macau is the best way to express Macau's exponential tourist growth. Next to open in Macau is the Four Seasons Hotel Macao at the Cotai area. The modern venue for business and pleasure is set to open in June 2008. Following Four Seasons tradition, Four Seasons Hotel Macao at the Cotai area will be a family-oriented and children-friendly hotel. Guests can enjoy the peaceful and artistic side of Macau with their families. Sheraton's Macao Hotel is next to open after that on the 1st of September in 2009. The property will have 3,985 guest rooms, two swimming pools and an extensive spa facility among other things. Opening on the same day is The St. Regis Macao. Located in the Cotai area, it has 460 guest rooms and 429 residences. Their team can create events in the 1,300 square metres of event space, including three elegant venues.

Also opening in 2009 are Macao Studio City, Traders Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel. Traders Hotel will have 1,200 rooms while the smaller Shangri-La will house 600. In 2010, W Hotel will open on the Cotai area as well. In 2010, Fairmont Macao and Raffles Macao will also open on the Cotai area.

Ponte 16 Opens

Welcoming visitors and celebrities alike was the recently opened Ponte 16 on February 1st 2008. More than 60,000visitors roamed through Ponte 16 over the opening weekend. Ponte 16 integrated casino-entertainment resort is built over 2.3hectares. Its design draws inspiration from Macau'sEast-West culture, featuring a unique European themeinfused with traditional Chinese elements.This celebration also included the most recent casino opening in Macau, a gaming area of 270,000 sqa re feet and 130 gaming tables. Ponte 16 does have plans of expanding with more retail m alls in the future.

Greek Art Via the Louve Settles In Macau

From Paris' Louvre to Macau is a stunning cultural immersion exhibition on Ancient Greece. This exhibition, "Plato in the Land of Confucius," is on Ancient Greece covering culture to historical celebrities. It will be coming to Macau in April.

In the fifth and fourth centuries B.C., Greece was said to have been at the peak of its creativity. Greek culture in those years, from the start of the Greco-Persian Wars to the death of Alexander the Great, is called the Classic period, and the exhibition aims to explore ancient Greek culture through artworks from this period.

The exhibition will include items from the Louvre's Greek, Roman and Etruscan collections. This includes a statue of Aphrodite and other terra- cotta figurines and vases. The exhibition is separated into four sections: Classic-period Athens, life in Ancient Greece, sporting spirit in ancient Greece and gods and religion. Currently in Singapore, it will soon make its way to Macau for its last tour stop.

For more information, please visit:

Eating in Macau

Over decades of developing its' cuisine, Macau has a unique taste all its own made up of elements from Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Malay and African foods. Collectively known as Macanese cuisine, ones' taste buds are sure to be delighted in the fusion of flavors. For me, a Macau day is not complete without at least one Portuguese egg tart enveloping my senses. First off, all egg tarts are not created equal. What sets Portuguese egg tarts apart from the rest is how they're slightly burnt on top to caramelize the outside. As it is created at the British owned Lord Stow's Café in Coloane, is the egg tart at its best- flakey exterior balanced by a warm custart sweet center.

Festivals Galore:  Join us in Celebration

Macau has more festivals then you have vacation time to enjoy them.  Here are a few special ones around which to plan a trip.

100 days Towards Beijing Olympic Games (May 1-3): Macau and its counterparts join the countdown towards the Beijing Olympic Games. From May 1 to May 3, the "Beauty of Harmony in Macau 2008 - 100 days Towards Beijing Olympic Games" water magical show will take place at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre. The show lasts an hour, from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. Tickets are available for limited number of seats. Each ticket costs approximately USD$12.5. Standing room is free, and guests can see the show from various spots near the lake.

International Museum Day (May 18): To celebrate the International Museum Day, the M
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