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When Will Congos Air Crashes End?


When Will Congos Air Crashes End?
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 Wednesday, 16 April 2008
From the Editor Headlines
Dear eTN reader,


It is being estimated that as many as 33 lives were lost and another 80 were injured in yet another air crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo is already under scrutiny for having one of the world's worst aviation record, with the International Air Transport Association calling it an "embarrassment" to the industry. Click to today's lead story for an update on Congo's latest air crash.

Is the travel and tourism industry doomed? This is exactly the question some are asking based on the current financial climate of the airline industry. Click to today's second story to read about the new airline industry mishap.

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Lead Story

Congo crash claims 33 lives, injures 80[Back to Press Releases Main]