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TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - APRIL 18, 2008 - SCUBA divers, both beginners and pro, across the globe are invited to experience a week long excursion of wreck diving in the British Virgin Islands during Wreck Week May 25-31, 2008.  Wreck Week is aimed at encouraging more people to discover the beauty and magic of the underwater world. The week coincides with the anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Rhone, one of the islands' most famous shipwrecks. The festivities include a PADI project AWARE Reef and Beach Clean-Up Day and Wreck Diving Certification Courses as well as pumpkin carving, barbeques, and a treasure hunt.
The British Virgin Islands is sprinkled with deep, mysterious dive locations for all levels of divers. Secret seekers have more than 300 locations to choose from with historic shipwrecks, coral reefs filled with multiple species of colorful creatures, as well as sunken ships to preserve marine life.
The RMS Wreck of the Rhone, an 1867 Royal Mail Ship, is the most famous shipwreck in the BVI and considered the best dive spot in the Caribbean. The ill-fated steamers sank in an out-of-season hurricane with the remains being split into two halves with the stern at 30 feet and the bow sinking to 80 feet. At the deepest part of the wreck, divers are met by "The Fang", a barracuda that has made a home out of the bow along with schools of yellowtail snappers and angelfish. This dive may be familiar to suspense movie lovers as sections of "The Deep" were filmed at the Rhone.
The Indians, off Norman Island, are formed by unique rock formations featuring passageways for divers to swim through. Located between ten to fifty feet, this dive can be done by beginners but promises stunning visuals for seasoned professionals. The east side of the rocks form a cave boasting swarms of glassy sweepers and lavish corals. Sponges can be found lining the walls of each rock, illuminated by streaks of sun.
The Coral Gardens, another breathtaking location, is a quiet dive site tucked into the southeast side of Great Dog, the biggest in the quad of Dog islands.
As the name suggests, Coral Gardens boasts large, ornate coral formations that consist primarily of boulder and great star coral as well as embellished brain corals, tube sponges, sea fans and gorgonians. The overhang provides a natural habitat for lobsters, spotted drums and assorted grunts and snappers.
Remaining an undeveloped haven for natural treasures, the BVI boasts no high-rise hotels, casinos or crowds, but instead showcases the purity of the land -- from pristine beaches with powdery sand to extensive coral reefs responsible for claiming renowned wrecks. Whether discovering the natural phenomena of The Baths or diving the fabled Wreck of the Rhone, the BVI is rich with 60 storied islands including Tortola and Virgin Gorda and bountiful with Nature's Little Secrets.
To purchase Wreck Week packages, contact the BVI SCUBA Organization at 284-494-4320 or For more information please visit or call the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board toll free 800-835-8530.


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