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Camping in Belize


Sleeping Among Nature’s Splendor: Camping in Belize


Belize City, Belize, April 18, 2008 --For those who find peace and tranquility in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, Belize offers unparalleled camping opportunities among some of the world’s most luscious and exotic plants and wildlife.  Dozens of protected parks, forests and nature reserves afford campers the ability to easily explore the natural world and interact with Belize’s indigenous cultures at an extremely low price.  


From the lush jungle and rolling rivers of the Western Cayo District to the secluded rainforests of Belize’s Southern Toledo District, those looking to immerse themselves in nature’s diverse habitats can do so at one of the many campsites found throughout the country.  In addition to these inland options, campers can pitch a tent along the shores of the sparkling Caribbean Sea at one of Belize’s island campgrounds. 


The Belize Tourism Board’s Toucan Trail ( ) offers a wealth of information for campers seeking the ultimate Belize adventure on a budget.  The following are some of the most popular camping options in Belize: 


Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated on the banks of the Sibun River in Belize’s Western Cayo District, the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a 1,000-acre forest reserve and environmental education facility.  The sanctuary protects a wide variety of rare flora and fauna, giving visitors the unique opportunity to see exotic animals, like tapirs, Morelet crocodiles and over 250 species of birds.  Overnight accommodations range from tent camping, bunkhouse beds in dormitories and private rooms located in the on-site field research station.  From the sanctuary, visitors can hike along Indian Creek Trail for unmatched scenery or go spelunking into the nearby Tiger Sandy Bay Cave. For more information, visit or call + (501) 820-3032.


Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Located over a sprawling 128,000 acres of jungle vegetation, the Stann Creek District’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Belize’s most unique environments.  It is also home to the world’s first jaguar reserve!  In addition to housing elusive jaguar, many of Belize’s endangered plant and animal species find refuge here.  Avid hikers can gain access to a number of scenic waterfalls and true adventurers can climb Victoria Peak, Belize’s second tallest crest. The Sanctuary offers basic overnight accommodations and camping at one of three camping grounds, all with raised tent areas, picnic shelters and tables.  Camping here ranges from $2.68 per person per night to $5.45 per night.  For more information, visit


Rio Blanco National Park

Thirty miles west of Punta Gorda in the Southern region of Belize’s Toledo District sits Rio Blanco National Park.  One of the p
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