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The following information is provided by the travel supplier or its public relations representative. The Traveler's Journal can accept no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any material in this section. is your one-stop site for all digital content related to China



Curious about China? National Geographic is your ultimate destination for everything China-related: past, present and future. The vast array of content ranges from cultural information, the upcoming Olympic games, politics, photographs, videos and more.


National Geographic Magazine's May issue is all about China and  is chock full of even more features relating to the country.  Whether you're looking for fast facts on the country or a detailed cultural lesson, is the place to go. Here are some features on topics you may want to check out:


  • Architecture: In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China's vast class of low-wage workers are quickly constructing thousands of skyscrapers and other buildings to impress spectators around the globe. To read the compelling story of how the Beijing skyline will forever be transformed, click here: . Be sure to also check out the photo gallery detailing this monstrosity of a construction project.





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