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One Tank Trips to Darke County, Ohio


Greenville, Ohio – April 29, 2008 – The idea of the “One Tank Trip” came out about 10 years ago but with the high gas prices expected for the summer of ’08, the Darke County Visitors Bureau is resurrecting the idea as the cure for the family vacation!


One-tank trips are inexpensive family getaways that offer a new appreciation for what’s in your own backyard, as well as the local culture and unique offerings.


One-tank trips often take you off the beaten path to places like Darke County where you find the heart of the community. You may stumble upon the most charming bed and breakfast or inn less than an hour from your house. You may find an out-of-the-way, award-winning restaurant with the best mouth-watering desserts you’ve ever eaten—at half the price of what it would cost in a big city.


Would you expect to stumble upon a village of bronze sculptures 150 miles away from a major city in the middle of no-where? How about big city style in a small downtown boutique? Have you been to a dirt track that turns into the largest “city” in a county twice a year?  It’s all here, if you take some time to do your homework by contacting the local visitors bureau.


Most states including Ohio have local wine-makers like the Winery at Versailles. You’ll have fun tasting their award-winning selections, taking a tour of the facility and learning about their special events that take place throughout the year.


Local artist gatherings can be a source of pleasure, as well. Treasured finds can be hand-thrown pottery, unique paintings, hand-made jewelry, clothes, sculpture, and more. Bear’s Mill is the perfect place to enjoy the many talents of local artists. Not only is the locale part of Darke County’s heritage, it is also situated in a beautiful setting along a creek offering artists much inspiration.


By visiting local museums, you might think that only local history is displayed. That’s not the case at the Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio. Just this year, the fascinating story of one of the most pivotal times in American history was unveiled with artifacts never before seen by the public in the exhibition, Crossroads of Destiny, Indians, Settlement, and Treaty of Greene Ville.  Also on display on Garst Museum is the largest collection of memorabilia and artifacts for famous sharp-shooter, Annie Oakley.


One-tank trips enable you to get away with the family, explore and enjoy time together without emptying your wallet. If the kids get a little cranky, pull over to enjoy a local ice cream or burger place somewhere.


With the high price of gas and slowing economy, why not support local businesses and the local economy by taking a one tank trip? Call the Darke County Visitors Bureau today for your “One Tank Trip to Darke County.”  The number is (937) 548-5158 or toll-free, 1-800-504-2995 or visit us on the web at

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