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Grand Tripping & Kid Caravaning: Family Vacation Survival Tips


Shell’s Multi-Gen Vacation Survival Tips

Along with romance travel, girlfriend getaways, “manscapes” and boomer travel, multi-generational travel has entered the mainstream of travel categories.  As more and more baby boomers retire, and seek to spend their golden years in the company of children and grandchildren, boomers and Gen Xers are taking their family reunions on the road this summer as a way to unite the family while enjoying a relaxing vacation at the same time. 

But, anyone who's traveled with multiple generations of family members knows that the dream getaway meant to bring the family closer together can quickly turn into a nightmare replete with the groans of bored and cranky kin if everyone’s interests, privacy, appetites, budgets and timetables are not taken into consideration.

Knowing that a multi-gen vacation can turn quickly from a blessing to a curse, Shell Vacations Hospitality offers its Top 10 Tips for keeping the peace on a multi-gen vacation.

1.       Breathing room.  Allow for some unscheduled, free time in each day’s itinerary.  Don't require everyone to be together 24/7.

2.       Smart Spending.  Don't try to cram everyone into one or two bedrooms to save a few bucks. Spend the extra money on suitable accommodations, with amenities such as kitchens and kitchenettes, so that everyone can be comfortable and instead budget wisely on things like food, activities and souvenirs.

3.       The family that plays together, stays together.  Since the point of taking a family vacation is to be together, make it a point to have at least one meal or activity per day together.

4.       All for one and one for all.  Pick a destination and resort that everyone can rally around and has amenities and nearby attractions for all age groups to enjoy.

5.       Who’s the boss?  Involve the children in planning the days’ itineraries.  Perhaps give each child one day where they get to pick the recreational activity and lunch option for the family.  As an additional trip-planning resource, many of Shell’s properties’ websites offer sample itineraries and day trip ideas that are crowd-pleasers for the entire family.

6.       Play “outside the box”.  Make it a point to try something new that you normally wouldn’t do, especially if it means doing it with one of your loved ones.  If grandpa loves to golf, offer to tee off with him.  If the kids are into face painting, allow them to paint yours.

7.       Two words: date night.  Arrange for at least one “date night” to re-group away from the kids during your family vacation.  Hire a sitter through your resort or, better yet, leave them with grandma and grandpa—one of the many perks of a multi-gen vacation!

8.    Play hooky.  To get more bang for your buck on a multi-gen vacation, consider booking trips over weekdays, when rates are lower, instead of weekends.  Simply checking in on a Sunday and checking out on a Wednesday could save you hundreds of dollars in lower rates.  Also, take advantage of multi-night incentives offered during the week.

9.       Point of view.  To make sure the trip is documented through everyone’s perspective, arm the family, kids included, with their own disposable cameras.  When you get home, your scrapbook will be sure to include the trip’s most candid, and often, most fun moments. 

10.   Keep it in perspective.  When things get stressful and you begin to feel like you’ve had a little too much together-time, remember to appreciate that you are lucky to have each other.

Located throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Shell resorts are ideally suited for family and multi-gen travel.  Ideal for their ample accommodations, beautiful surroundings, family-friendly activities and reasonable price-points, Shell’s 22 one-of- kind resorts offer myriad of packages and deals for the vacationing families on its web site   


Currently, Shell is offering its Summer Promo for resorts in Hawaii, Canada, Arizona and California.  The promo includes a $15 gas card, up to 15 percent savings for guests staying four nights or more as well as a ‘Fun on the Beach’ gift pack with popular beach games for kids of all ages. Guests also receive a 10 percent coupon off their next stay.

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