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Peter Sommer Travels Brings Real-life Indiana Jones Adventure to Travellers




Looking for real-live archaeological adventures beyond the silver screen? Fancy some Indiana Jones-style historical escapades, but without any Nazi soldiers, piranha-infested waters, and poisonous darts? You can travel back in time (and in comfort) on ancient quests with Peter Sommer Travels.


Designed by British archaeologist and award-winning filmmaker, Peter Sommer, this specialist travel company takes small groups on expert led historical tours of Turkey, an archaeological paradise full of Greek theatres, Roman temples, and Byzantine churches. Travellers visit some of the Ancient Wonders of the World - from Halicarnassus to Troy, Aspendos to Ephesus.


“It was adventure that first took me to Turkey, 14 years ago”, says Peter, “I’d read all about these extraordinary archaeological sites, but wanted to see them for myself in the company of one of the great heroes of the past. So I embarked on an epic 5 month expedition, walking 2,000 miles across the country retracing the route of Alexander the Great. It was a life changing experience. I fell in love with Turkey, and I’ve been taking people there to share its wonders ever since.”


Visitors on Peter Sommer Travels’ cruises sail through history aboard a luxurious gulet (a wooden sailing boat) along Turkey’s turquoise coast and explore the outstanding ruins that litter the shore. Or they can travel by land, personally escorted by Peter, on an epic journey retracing the footsteps of Alexander the Great from Troy to the battlefield of Issus.


 “Our customers want to go on a luxurious vacation, with time to relax, swim, and enjoy good food, but they also want to learn and broaden their minds”, says Peter, “that’s what adventure travel is all about. Our expert led archaeological tours allow people to truly get under the skin of the country, to delve into its culture and its past.”


Sitting between East and West, spanning two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a cradle of civilizations for thousands of years. Part of the fertile crescent, the original garden of Eden, virtually all the greats of history have passed through - Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, St. Paul… leaving in their wake epic legends and beautiful buildings which adventure travellers can explore today.


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