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Food and oil scarcity means tougher times ahead


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From the editor
                                                  Friday, May 23, 2008
Dear eTN reader,

As economic uncertainties cloud over in various parts of the world, there is one thing is certain--as the price of food and oil keeps going up, social tension will increase. Industry analysts expressed this viewpoint recently in Dubai. Click to today’s lead story to learn more about what experts have to say about what can be expected to occur in the coming months.
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eTN Lead Story
Food and oil scarcity means tougher times ahead
By Hazel Heyer l Special to eTN

Professor Norbert Walter, chief economist of Deutsche Bank Group and head of Deutsche Bank Research, is worried about the present. “When times are critical for the world economy, except for Russia, the world lacks dependable leaders. When the economy is a problem, social issues and environment also pose a grave problem.

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Tralliance Corporation President and CEO Speaking at Travel Distribution Summit Latin America 2008 Your vacation…Your way, Custom Tailored…Door to Door With

Kathy and Ken Walden, two travel enthusiasts, launched  and created a new career for themselves. As both were new to the travel industry, .travel presented the opportunity of entrepreneurship for the globetrotting duo. Taking their combined interest in travel, the Waldens formed to offer vacations that are experiences rather than just destinations. >>more
New Official Santa Clara Visitors Guide Available New Official Santa Clara Visitors Guide Available

Santa Clara, home to high-tech giants Intel and Yahoo, also boasts a wide variety of visitor attractions. They are listed in the new 40-page Official Santa Clara Visitors Guide. Produced by the Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the …  >>more
eTN Feature Stories
Does Bangkok Airways dream too big?
By Stéphane Hanot

BANGKOK, Thailand (eTN) - Bangkok Airways’ 40th anniversary was an opportunity for its founding CEO, Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, to unveil the future of the airline over the next three years. Bangkok Airways has been growing successfully over the years, transporting 2.42 million passengers in 2007 and making its 12th consecutive profit at ... read more
Assaults on environment continue unabated
By Wolfgang H. Thome

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - The attempts to industrialize key wilderness areas in Uganda and turn them into productive sites for the country are becoming legion.

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Travelers furious over American Airlines' plans to charge $15 fee for one checked bag

First went the free meals, pillows, blankets and peanuts. Then came the extra fees for booking over the phone, flying your pet and checking a second bag.

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Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report
By Wolfgang H. Thome

Following the recent directive by Ugandan President Museveni that park encroachers and pastoralists with their herds must leave national parks and other protected areas, selected army units were now deployed in the areas surrounding parts of Murchisons Falls National Park.

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