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Smart Spending Tips for Summer Travel



Before The Trip

  • Plan ahead. Start building a budget before booking tickets and hotel rooms to ensure you donít suffer from financial jet lag when you return. Online resources like can make budgeting and tracking spending simpler with easy-to-use tools like budget calculators.


  • Use your perks. Using rewards cards throughout the year to earn points toward items such as airline tickets or hotel rooms can add up to a discounted or even free travel. Be sure to book early to secure the location and dates you want at the best available price.


  • Pay bills while youíre away. Avoid returning to no lights or cable TV Ė use Visa Bill Payment to set up one-time or automatic bill payments to ensure your bills are paid on time while youíre on the road. For more information, visit


  • Give yourself a break on energy costs. If youíre leaving for an extended period of time, take steps to reduce unnecessary power usage and minimize costs. Before leaving, make sure to turn off your water and gas, set your thermostat 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature or simply turn it off, turn off the pilot light, and unplug common appliances such as microwaves and televisions. 


While Youíre Away

  • Stay on track. Account for extra travel expenses like souvenirs or snacks. If you think temptation to taste and try the local cuisine and styles will get the better of you, consider using Visa TravelMoney, a prepaid payment card. Preloaded with a set amount of funds, Visa TravelMoney can help you and your travel companions stay on budget with individual cards that draw from a central, set pool of funds.


  • Donít rely on the local currency alone - use payment tools to your advantage. For renting Jet Skis, getting cash at an ATM, or taking care of the check after a night on the town, payment cards generally provide convenience, security, opportunity for rewards and expense tracking that you donít get with cash or check or paying with American currency.


  • Tap into benefits. Your payment card may come with benefits that you arenít aware of Ė including auto rental collision damage waiver and emergency assistance. Check your wallet to see if you have a Visa Signature card. Often offered as an airline or hotel co-brand, Visa Signature offers a free 24-hour concierge service, access to special offers at luxury hotels, resorts, spas and retailers worldwide, a range of emergency services, as well as information from Zagat on where to dine from Copenhagen to Cabo.


  • Be prepared. For peace of mind, be sure to jot down your account numbers and card expiration dates, as well as your bankís phone number, and keep this information separate from your wallet. Should your card be lost or stolen, be sure to report it immediately.


Source: Visa, Inc.



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