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Geographic Expeditions




June 2008

On a two-week tour of northern Italy, Don George exults in the watery wonders of Venice, the cobblestoned grace of medieval village squares and the vineyard-latticed hillsides. But the most moving experience of all occurs in an unexpected place.


Catherine Watson reenacts a rafting trip in Nepal 12 years after the original and discovers that while the villages have grown and the contours of the banks have been rearranged, the life-transforming power of the river has not changed.

Simon Winchester talks about Joseph Needham, the eccentric 20th-century British biochemist who almost singlehandedly transformed the West's view of China and about some of his own adventures in researching Needham's life for his enthralling and illuminating new book, "The Man Who Loved China."

Fresh From the Field
Vietnam Revealed

Northern California photographer Robert Holmes has traveled widely in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America for the world's major travel magazines. Here we present a portfolio of eye-catching, mind-opening images from his recent visit to Vietnam. 

Brilliant Books
In this engaging and moving book, former National Public Radio foreign correspondent Eric Weiner recounts a year-long odyssey to find the happiest country on earth. In his chapter on Bhutan, which we excerpt here, Weiner discovers that the country's official policy of Gross National Happiness seems to cultivate, or mirror or both an exemplary attitude he encounters throughout that beguiling place.

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