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Boulder, Colorado (June 4, 2008) - Intrepid Travel, one of the world's leading adventure travel companies, has just launched its new research and development division, The Travel Lab.  This new offshoot of Intrepid Travel will literally take travelers to the ends of the earth with the launch of its first product range - Polar - by offering spectacular experiences that have been previously unavailable to travelers.

After conducting detailed research into consumer desires, The Travel Lab has developed six ground-breaking Polar trips - two in Antarctica and four in the Arctic.

These once-in-a-lifetime journeys will appeal to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike; imagine traveling to Antarctica in a custom designed plane and following in the footsteps of famous adventurers Scott and Amundsen or discovering a 6,000-strong Emperor Penguin colony never before visited by tourists. 

The Arctic trips will allow adventurers an "up close and personal" experience with unique fauna, including the opportunity to spy polar bears, caribou and wolves from a float plane, dog sled their way through Swedish Lapland or even snorkel with the famed white beluga whales.

In keeping with Intrepid's responsible travel philosophy, these trips are carefully designed to minimize their impact on the environment and are sure to provide memories - and "bragging rights" - unlike any other vacation on the market.

Below are the first trips to be launched by Travel Lab, stay tuned for more!

The following prices are in USD and do not include airfare:
Land of the Emperor Penguin
Duration: 11 days, ex-Cape Town
Highlights: Travel to a region once the sole domain of scientists and grand emperor penguins. From your low-impact luxury eco camp perched atop a 200-foot icefall you'll spend your days gazing out over pristine Antarctica and visiting remote penguin colonies at Neumayer.
Price: $50,635
For further information on this trip visit:

Remote Mountain Expedition
Duration: 11 days, ex-Cape Town
Highlights: Explore Antarctica by foot and by plane as you follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, Scott and Amundsen. Soar over the largely unexplored Orvin Ranges, by a turbo prop DC3 airplane, abseil into open crevasses, explore ice caves and get close to Adelie Penguins. This trip uncovers secrets of Antarctica that will amaze!
Price: $44,305
For further information on this trip visit:

The Arctic
Polar Bears and Belugas Up Close
Duration: 7 days, ex-Winnipeg
Highlights: Head deep into the Arctic for a sensational wildlife viewing extravaganza! From your base at an exclusive naturalist lodge on the Seal River Estuary you'll track polar bears, caribou, wolverines, foxes and even snorkel with the famed white beluga whales. This region is remote and spectacular - access is only by floatplane or helicopter.
Price: $5,795
For further information on this trip visit:

The Ultimate Adventure Flight to the North Pole
Duration: 8 days, ex-Yellowknife
Highlights: Be one of the very few to say you have literally stood on top of the world on this ultimate Arctic adventure. Go snowmobiling across icy plateaus, visit traditional Inuit villages, see Arctic wolves, foxes and hares in the wild and stand at the northern most point of the world - the North Pole.
For further information on this trip visit:

Swedish Lapland Dog Sled Adventure
Duration: 8 days, ex Storuman (Sweden)
Highlights: Experience a completely unique adventure dog-sledding through Lapland, Sweden where you will travel across mountainous plateaus, lakes and though the forests of fairytales. The tracks and the mountains are untouched, the crystal white snow brilliantly reflects the moon, stars and northern light, the dogs themselves will enchant you and the entire experience will be nothing short of spectacular.
Price: $3,810
For further information on this trip visit:

Canadian Arctic Dog Sled Adventure
Duration: 9 days, ex Ottawa (Canada)
Highlights: In Canada's Northwest Territories, learn to mush along frozen lakes to the north of the Great Slave Lake and on historic trappers trail in the Boreal Forest. Witness Arctic wildlife first-hand, including polar bear, seal, ptarmigan, and wolverine. Seek out and photograph the magnificent ice and snow-locked landscape, including the region's towering cliffs and a natural crucifix, rising 1km above the sea - simply stunning!
Price: $6,095
For further information on this trip visit:
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