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The Galapagos Islands with Boundless Journeys



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The Galapagos Islands live up to our dreams of a sheltered place far removed from the usual concerns. The skies are almost always sunny, and the sea breezes create that perfect air temperature, instantly relaxing the body. The ocean is an ever inviting turquoise blue, matched by long sandy beaches of crystal white, pink, and volcanic black. There are quiet coves and mangrove lagoons, and that's just for starters. What will make your exploration of the Galapagos Islands truly exceptional though are the many opportunities for close-up encounters with wildlife. The islands and surrounding waters are quite literally teeming with exotic and colorful creatures that have never learned to fear humans.

I hope you can join us as we explore these enchanted islands!

Matt Holmes


Friendly Galapagos Wildlife

Ecuador: The Galapagos Islands

Our naturalist-led cruise on a private yacht introduces us to many wonders that are unique to the Galapagos Islands. We visit blue-footed boobies, land iguanas basking in the sun, lively sea lions, and families of penguins, among many other diverse species. We enjoy snorkeling with sea lions, walking on volcanic islands, paddling kayaks through peaceful mangrove lagoons, strolling bare-footed along sun drenched beaches, or simply lying back and relaxing in the equatorial sun. Learn more.


The Alta

About our Yacht ~ The Alta, 2008 departure 
December 25 - January 3

The Alta is one of the most beautiful yachts in the Galapagos; she is ideal for travelers who seek exclusivity and uniqueness. She is a 140 foot ketch rigged Motor Sailer; a very stylish yacht that has the special charm of a sailing ship. Th
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