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Thursday, June 19, 2008

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How to Make Your Summer Travels Green

As travelers begin to make summer vacation plans, Sustainable Travel International , a leading not-for-profit organization that specializes in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, offers travel tips to those who want to make a more conscious effort to be environmentally and culturally aware during their vacations. Their website is fascinating and very detailed look at how easy it is for travelers to make a difference.

Here's an easy guide for responsible travelers to help protect the environment and respect the socio-cultural and economic needs of their destination or host country.

1. Offset your travel footprint.
Whether you travel by plane, train or automobile, you leave behind a carbon footprint. Calculate your trip's emissions with STI's carbon calculator and then invest in one of the offsetting portfolios, ranging from reforestation to renewable energy projects.

2. Give your house a vacation.
Don't waste resources you won't be using. Instead of just leaving a few lights on the whole time you're gone, set them to a timer that turns them on and off automatically. Adjust your thermostat so that neither the heat nor the air conditioner turns on. And put a hold on your newspaper delivery.

3. Pack a water filter and reusable water bottle.
Staying hydrated is important while traveling, but buying bottled water can add up during a trip. Cut down the monetary and environmental cost by packing a water filter.

4. Research online eco-directories.
Look for an outfitter or resort with a sustainable mission. Check out STI's eco-directory online. After you've chosen an outfitter, pick up the phone and ask the employees to explain how the company's philosophy is reflected in their daily practices.

5. Support the local economy.
Instead of stocking up on lotion and shampoo before you leave, pack the bare essentials and then go shopping at your destination. Hit the farmer's markets for locally grown foods, skip the chain restaurants in favor of locally-owned establishments, and buy fair trade products as souvenirs to make sure your money goes into the local's pockets.


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