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Monday, July 7
Peaceful Hiking in Bohemia
The network of hiking and biking trails in those hills of southern Bohemia remain among the Continent’s most pristine and untrammeled... New York Times

36 Hours in Pittsburgh
The city has undergone a striking renaissance from a down-and-out smokestack to a gleaming cultural oasis... New York Times

Sicily, Through the Eyes of the Leopard
If you love the novel (or the movie), you should start planning your trip right away... New York Times

Italy moves to help Pompeii
Italy's government moved Friday to help combat damage to the buried ancient city of Pompeii, which has been damaged by decay... USA Today

Tours and Activities
Dangerous destinations? Think again
Travel to fascinating places with bad reputations...

25 Northeast Getaways
For the urbanites who long for a quick escape — and their country neighbors, too — it’s not necessary to buy a plane ticket or mortgage the house for gasoline ... New York Times

Gold List Cruise Lines
Conde Nast and its pick of the cruise lines... Conde Nast Traveler

United squeezes travel agents - again
The move illustrates the ripple effects of relentless cost-cutting at United... Misc

4 outrageous airline fees and how to avoid them
À la carte pricing doesn't have to send vacation prices into the stratosphere...

Last All-Premium Airline May Vanish
The last of the transatlantic all-premium-class airlines could soon vanish and it's not necessarily bad news for transatlantic high-fare fliers... Yahoo Travel News

Author picks coolest hotel rooms to stay
The growing ranks of wealthy and well-heeled business travelers, have helped drive demand for smaller, boutique establishments...

Other and Odd
Gas-Saving Road Trip Tips
Celbrating one of America’s greatest travel traditions... Travel and Leisure

Be aware: Electronics can be seized at customs
Let your clients know, it's not an inspection - it's a seizure... Budget Travel Online

Tip for the Day
Turn up the frequency
Once is not enough... Travel Research Online

Today in History
The Roswell Incident
The truth is out there... Travel Research Online



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