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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Take 'Em With You - Here's How


By Rich Steck & Judi Janofsky

Judging from our mail, dog travel, or more accurately, travel with your dog, is one of our most appreciated subjects. That's nice - it shows that our readers are as loyal to their family pets as the pets are to them. They know that vacation togetherness is one sure way to relieve separation anxiety, too.

When Goldie looks at you like this, you know you'll take her with you on a shared vacation.

OK, you agree, but that's just the first step. Second step is to determine where to go, where to stay, what to do when you get there, etc. Plus dividing your vacation fun focus between you and your pet. to the rescue. Again.

We've told you about the virtues of this Web site before (Rex Needs A Vacation, To and If There's A Dog In Your Family) and now the Dog Friendly folks have recently introduced its most complete travel guidebook for dog lovers throughout the Eastern United States.



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