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Kyoto Announces Winter 2009 Special Activities for International Travelers



Kyoto Announces Winter 2009 Special Activities for International Travelers

New York, September 23, 2008 Following the significant success and attention from international travelers to it's first campaign, the city of Kyoto has announced a new winter campaign called the Kyoto Winter Special 2009. Beginning December 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009, the Winter Special features special events, exhibitions, time-limited offers with many more options. The campaign will run during winter months, offering opportunities to experience Kyoto in the quieter season of the ancient city.

The campaign features hands-on cultural activities, special Japanese culinary offers, time limited admission to historic facilities normally closed for public viewing, as well as events showcasing the unique beauty of the famous city.

Hanatoro is one of the events taking place in several locations of Kyoto during December 12-21 and March 13-22. Visitors will witness decorated traditional lanterns highlighting paths for over three miles. The famous historic landmarks will be illuminated with mystical lights to create a unique fantasy world. For details, visit

For all the offers, events and other information about Kyoto Winter Special 2009, see

Free Admissions to Nara's Museums

Nara, the first capital of Japan, is offering free admission for international visitors to several of its fascinating museums. Beginning 6 September 2008, international visitors receive complimentary tickets to the museums simply by showing their passport at the entrance. Located only a 30 minute train ride from the central Kyoto, Nara embodies the very ancient Japanese culture that inspired today's Kyoto.

Nara Museum of Art
A fine Ukiyo-e woodblock print collection from the 17th century is the highlight of the Museum's collection. You'll also see over 4,200 works of art including pieces by Hokusai, Sharaku and Utamaro, as well as other artists who produced Nara-related art.

Nara Complex of Manyo Culture in Asuka Village
Specializing in Manyoshu, Japan's oldest existing collection of poetry, this museum showcases Nara's history and culture often reflected in Manyoshu. Manyoshu is considered to be the linguistic heritage of the Japanese language, and Nara is the major topic described in the collection. (Japanese only)

Nara Museum of Folklore
The museum displays people's lifestyle unique to Nara. The collection consists of some 42,000 items of tools, Machiya-style houses (the equivalent of townhouses), and showcases Nara's indigenous natural beauty, including unique flowers and plants from different seasons. (Japanese only)

The Museum, Archaeological Institute of Kashihara
The institute of Kashihara is the largest and oldest archaeological institute in the country, and specializes in items from the 1938 excavation of Fujinoki Burial Mound. The excavation found two bodies of nobility, as well as jewelry, gold pieces and many highly engineered tools that reflect ancient Japan's historic background.

In 2010, Nara will be proud to celebrate the 1,300th anniversary of the completion of the very first capital of Japan.

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