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Plan for Patagonia,


Winter Freedom

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? —Mary Oliver, American poet

Patagonia: Adventure worth thinking about

What is the opposite of adventure?

One way to answer that question is: convenience. A journey's adventure quotient can be directly proportional to how tricky it is to pull off. Fortunately, with OBP as your travel partner, you can have your adventure cake and eat it too.

Patagonia is the perfect example. Patagonia is a huge, wild-and-rural region, with a tourist infrastructure that is still pretty sparse—exactly the sort of convergence that's likely to make an adventurous person fall in love with a place. So, to plan the perfect Patagonia journey, you have to start at least a year ahead of time. That is, unless you join us on one of our small group adventures. We've already put dibs on the best, most-special spots—way in advance, on your behalf. That way, if you personally have a hard time thinking ahead, you can still sign-on to grand, off-the-beaten-path style adventure in the southern horn of South America.

With action comes adventure, so break those bonds of inertia and click or call now—

Exploring Patagonia: FitzRoy, Perito Moreno Glacier, and Torres del Paine
Explore the most famous massifs, glaciers, rivers, and forests of Patagonia on this comprehensive 12-day journey. Don't forget, when it's winter in North America, it's summer way down south. Find out more >

   2008 departures: (space limited - call today!)
   Feb 8-19 (sold out), Mar 20-31, Apr 5-16

 2009 departures: Feb 6-17, Mar 19-30, Apr 4-15
(Never too early to plan.)

Patagonia's Lakes District: Over the Andes from Chile to Argentina
Chose your own activities most days-hiking, riding, rafting, and more—and experience a most unusual and stunningly scenic journey over the Andes. Find out more >

   2008 departures: Jan 29-Feb 6 (sold out), Feb 21-29,
   Nov 9-17

 2009 departures: Jan 27-Feb 4, Feb 19-27, Nov 8-16
   (Remember, never too early to plan.)

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