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British Airways’ Commitment to a More Civilised Travel Experience Yields Results


NEW YORK, Dec 10, 2008 – Despite recent trends showing that US airline industry passenger satisfaction is at its lowest level since 2001[1], British Airways’ monthly consumer research is reporting its highest customer satisfaction scores since the survey began. The findings show an ongoing trend of increasing customer satisfaction with more than 70 percent of respondents either very or extremely satisfied with their British Airways journey experience. Countering industry trends, these results represent a double-digit point growth over last year’s figures, demonstrating the airline’s success in its commitment to a more civilised travel experience.


In contrast, from an overall industry perspective, long lines at airports, lack of amenities and extra fees for everything from blankets to beverages have caused US airline customer satisfaction to fall. According to industry studies, 93 percent of frequent fliers say that aspects of air travel are either getting worse or staying the same2 with rude passengers as one of the most frequently-cited issues that causes in-flight frustration3. However, travel experts claim that civilised travel is still possible despite these apparent obstacles.


Professor Robert Bor, an aviation clinical psychologist and member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology says, “When passengers are confronted with issues like rude fellow passengers and poor customer service, they feel defeated and are unable to enjoy their flight.  Issues around the cabin environment, crew/passenger relationships and lack of consideration for one another all contribute to this problem.  There are airlines, however, that have made a real commitment to improving conditions both on the ground and in the air, and it has made all the difference in terms of customer satisfaction.


“Developments in customer service along with key pre-airport arrival steps can significantly help ease the stress of travel and address some potential hot buttons that can lead to uncivilised travel behaviour,” says Bor.


British Airways has continued to invest in its customer experience and has taken several measures to ensure that its passengers have a smooth and civilised trip, including:


o    Online check-in at either or via the BA mobile phone application

o    Premium service training for its cabin crew and ground staff to deliver world-class levels of service both on the ground and in the air

o    A relaxing flight experience when travelling Club World business class that includes access to travel spas and lounges to unwind pre-flight and fully flat beds to maximise sleep in-flight

o    Terminal 5, British Airways’ exclusive terminal at London Heathrow, featuring one of the world’s largest airport lounge complexes


Amenities can help, but only go so far.  Passengers can take some very important steps and precautions to help them stay calm, avoid surprises and reclaim civilised travel,” explains Bor.
His tips for a more civilised travel experience include: 


o    Take advantage of the Internet to research fares online – you may get greater savings by booking on an airline’s web site.  Some carriers like British Airways even offer a “Price Promise,” where if you find the carrier’s flight cheaper on another website, it will reimburse you to match the lower fare.  

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