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Japan News


Ishikawa, the Gem of Luxurious Japan

New York City, New York – February 9, 2009. Located near Japan's traditional capital Kyoto, Ishikawa is the treasure of Japan's cultural richness and beauty. Attracting domestic and international visitors, Ishikawa has been recognized as the perfect destination to witness and experience Japanese traditional living in the 21st century. To showcase Ishikawa's luxury, the Real Japan Ishikawa Committee, a promotional group supported by Ishikawa's local government, is hosting the first International Luxury Lifestyle Forum in their capital city of Kanazawa on February 14, 2009.

About Ishikawa:
Ishikawa's rich culture has been passed down from generation to generation since the 16th century, when the powerful samurai Maeda family reigned. The Maeda family appreciated local nature, art and cuisine and discovered that the coastline along the Sea of Japan supplies rich seafood to Ishikawa. Maeda's powerful relation with Kyoto also nurtured Japan's top quality craftsmanship in gold-leaf art, Kutani pottery, traditional confectionary, lacquer ware and high-quality sake from local pure water, which enhances the quality of already superior Ishikawa cuisine.

Thanks to the Maeda family's power and the people of Ishikawa's mission for pure quality, the beauty of their culture and their artistic techniques still lives on today. A visit to Ishikawa is the perfect destination to enlighten the luxury traveler who searches for a cultural, artistic and superb dining experience.

About the International Lifestyle Forum Event:
The International Luxury Lifestyle Forum is the first annual international event that exclusively focuses on the luxury market in Japan. The Forum will introduce the true treasures of Ishikawa and several distinguished guest speakers from the U.S. luxury market including Mr. Sonu Shivdasani of the Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Mr. Michael Romano of the Union Square Café and Mr. Enrico Ducrot of the Luxury Lodge and Camp of the World. The mission of the event is to not only familiarize the local travel industry to the luxury market, but also to promote the hidden gems in Ishikawa to the global luxury market. By bringing both sides together, Ishikawa will appeal its luxury facilities to the international traveler who would find the most in the beauty and significance of Ishikawa's cultural treasures.

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