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New Rail Travel Option in the US


Imagine vacationing in the style of a captain of industry or a president of the United States.  In the Gilded Age, the mode of luxury transport for the elite was on a private rail car or “private varnish”. These well adorned cars had the exquisite finishes of a fine mansion, and a private chef to go with it.  Ownership of a private rail car, of course, was reserved for only the wealthiest of Americans. 


Now, Trainshares Inc. ( is offering the private rail car experience with a unique twist – you can reserve a whole car or you can just reserve a single room on a vintage rail car on a weekly or timeshare basis.  Trainshares will begin 8-day vacation journeys aboard “private varnish” and the vintage cars in August 2009 over routes throughout the United States.  


The private rail car will be coupled together with the three cars that make up the American Traveler train to provide several vintage rail car options.


First, guests may choose to reserve the entire private car for a completely private experience with friends or family.  The vintage elegance of the car is rare.


Or, if guests prefer a more social excursion, or if they are a party not large enough to want all the space a private rail car affords, they can choose to ride on the accompanying American Traveler.  The American Traveler is a three car set with all the accoutrements of the private rail car experience.  Aboard the American Traveler, guests have the option to reserve just a single room with full bath for the journey.


While you’re traveling like a president in your personal car or on the American Traveler your private chef will have you eating like a king.  Trainshares journeys will also have “ports of call” in the same vein as yacht excursions in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.  These “ports of calls” will allow travelers to disembark to peruse the museums of Washington DC or to explore the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon.  Wherever your stop, at the end of a long day, you’ll retire back to the comfort of your private railcar.


Cost of Single Vacation:  Trips start at $24,900 for a party on the Abraham Lincoln and room rates begin at $5,900, per person, for a room on the American Traveler for an eight day journey.  These vacations are available through selected travel agent rail experts.


Cost of Timeshare Ownership:  Please call



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