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Acclaimed Wine Series Sunday Afternoons






Weekly wine seminars at The Loft Bistro

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIF. (April 28, 2009) - Montage Laguna Beach debuts its latest series of insider wine tastings and seminars in The Loft Bistro at the oceanfront resort, offered Sundays from 2 - 4 p.m. July through December.

All wine lovers welcome.

The Artistry Of Wine is an exciting wine education series that features tastings of different varietals and vintages from wine regions around the world. Seminars and tastings led by Montage sommeliers focus on wine themes ranging from "Home by the Sea" to "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet." A program calendar is included below.

Sundays, July 12 through December 20, 2009, 2 - 4 p.m.

The Loft Bistro at Montage Laguna Beach
30801 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA

Montage's talented team of sommeliers want to share their enthusiasm for wine in a relaxed comfortable environment.

$35 per person, space is limited. To reserve, please call 949-715-6420.

Home by the Sea
The Pacific Ocean has a cooling effect on valleys near the seaside, a climatic condition Pinot Noir grapes love. Taste your way through some of California's cooler valleys, and experience the flavors of cool climate Pinot Noir.

White Mountain
Riesling has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the last decade. Enjoy some classics from Germany, its adopted homeland then experience the wine as interpreted in other regions worldwide.

Uncertain Weather
Weather plays a large part in the overall quality of vintages, but can also be responsible for overlooked gems. Join us as we showcase some fantastic wines and values where the winemakers' skills truly came into play in spite of the elements.

Seven Stones
From the rocky vineyards of the Rhone Valley to parts of Bordeaux and New Zealand, grapes often thrive where the "soil" is hardly soil at all. Rocky, difficult-to-till soils are often the basis for wonderfully intense wines.

Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
Italy produces red wines of fantastic complexity, often balancing richness with acidity, sweet and tart flavors, and earthiness with gentleness. Take a tour with us through some often overlooked Italian wine regions.

Dance on a Volcano
Another soil type important to a grape's natural vigor towards being a progenitor of fantastic wine is, volcanic soil. Enjoy how the earth's ancient cataclysms contribute to the fine wines of today.

Go West Young Man
What is meant by the terms "New World" and "Old World"? We will help demonstrate by trying the same grape varietals from the same vintages as produced by old world winemakers vs. new world winemakers.

A Winter's Tale
Ice Wines hold a unique and revered place amongst lovers of dessert wines. Try a few and savor the intensity of these beautiful and special sweet libations.

From Genesis to Revelation
The growing movement towards organic and biodynamic products finds many of the winemaking world already prepared and practicing such techniques. Sip on a few "green" products while the sommelier discusses some of the lengths that growers go to support their environment.

Watcher of the Skies
Many wine regions are lucky enough to be in what is called a "rain shadow," a climatic sweet spot created by the protecting influence of nearby mountain ranges. See why regions such as Alsace, Oregon, and Argentina are as thankful for the mountains the grapes DON'T grow on, as the hillsides they do.

In the Wilderness
Many maverick winemakers are completely disassociated from the traditional concept of regionality when it comes to wines, growing and making world class juice where no one else thought to. Raise a glass with us to these humble mavericks.

In the Beginning
Each wine region can point to a geographical bulls-eye within its boundaries where the first wines were made, and are usually still done so in traditional styles. Be prepared to hear the word "Classico" as you taste through some of the original examples of viticulture.

Suppers Ready
Food and wine are lifelong friends, and we'd like to invite you to sit down with us and enjoy why they go together so well.

One for the Vine
Terroir is an all-important factor in the final outcome of the winemaking process. Taste through some wines that are distinct representations of time, place, and climate.

Herald: the Barrel
Oak is to winemaking what salt is to cooking: it is the chef's choice what influence to impart upon the completed dish. Try some wines of all styles: No oak, moderate oak and oak "bomb." We guarantee you will love them all.

Living Forever
Madeiras and Ports in particular can be phenomenally long lived. Sample some shockingly fresh tasting products aged 20 years or older.

Counting out Time
Why pick a grape later rather than earlier? What happens to a wine that is purposely picked to one side or the other of ripeness? Experience the BIG difference this little choice can make.

Evidence of Autumn
Autumn in the wine world sees light and tasty wines from Beujolais as well as the first arrivals of the southern Hemisphere's previous vintage. Come try the new wines with us.

Islands are by nature self-contained, unique eco-systems, producing wines reflective of their local tastes and weather. New Zealand, Sicily and Tasmania, among others, have their own independent voices in the wine world.

Keep it Dark
Dark grapes, extended soaking in contact with the skin, and other intense winemaking methods contribute to some of the darkest, richest reds in the world - the perfect glass for when the world outside turns a bit chilly.

Where is the wine world going next? There are always new and experimental winemakers and techniques to be found. Let us show you the current zeitgeist in cutting-edge winemaking.

About Montage Laguna Beach
Montage, set on a coastal bluff overlooking the Pacific in the heart of the vibrant arts community of Laguna Beach, offers 30 acres of oceanfront luxury. The 250-room craftsman-style resort features beachfront accommodations; a 20,000-square-foot spa; destination dining at Studio; a wealth of outdoor recreation, including three pools, beach and water sports; a fine art collection; and more than 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space. For information and reservations, please contact Montage, toll-free, at 1-888-715-6700; or visit the Web site at

About Montage Hotels & Resorts
Montage Hotels & Resorts is an ultra-luxury hotel and resort management company founded by Alan Fuerstman in 2002. The company's flagship oceanfront resort, Montage Laguna Beach, opened in February 2003 in the vibrant arts community of Laguna Beach, California. The company's second hotel opened in Beverly Hills in November 2008. Other properties under development include Montage Deer Valley® in Park City, Utah, scheduled to open in 2010 and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico scheduled to open in 2012.

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