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The following information is provided by the travel supplier or its public relations representative. The Traveler's Journal can accept no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any material in this section. is offering discounted airfares to adventurous and off the beaten track destinations.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA May 11, 2009 – International travel website is offering exciting discounted airfares to off the beaten track destinations that are high in adventure and very low in price.  Adventure travelers fearful that the recession has made most exotic destinations unaffordable now need not worry.  Some of the best kept airfare secrets in international air travel today are available for booking just by going to


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1-Belgrade, Serbia: Blue Danube.

Belgrade, today reminiscent of Prague right after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, is often described by travelers as a cross between Vienna and Istanbul and relics of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires are still very much present in its architecture, forts, and museums. Belgradians demonstrate a unique Slavic sensibility that is almost Mediterranean in character and best observed in the city's sophisticated Café culture. Stroll along Belgrade's, Viennese style, wide, pedestrian shopping boulevards; discover its quaint Bohemian quarter and climb up to thousand year old forts overlooking the Danube River. Belgrade is one of the best values in Europe this summer.


From $395 from New York on British Airways ($759 including taxes and fees)


2- Amman, Jordan: Indiana Jones & Laurence of Arabia.

Jordan is an archeologist's paradise.  No wonder Indiana Jones went there to explore the ruins of Petra.  Amman, the capital, has numerous Roman monuments, including a Roman era amphitheatre, and a vibrant culture best appreciated with a trip to the local souk (spice market).  On the road south to Petra is Wadi Rum.  This beautiful desert valley was home to Laurence of Arabia during the campaign against the Ottoman Empire. Its large dunes and rock formations can be explored by four wheel drive or camel while the night can be spent under the stars in a Bedouin camp. The end of the road south leads to the shores of the Red Sea and an opportunity to dive with the Dolphins.  Returning to Amman travelers can stop for a dip in the Dead Sea and visit the Byzantine era church of Saint George at Madaba with its famous floor mosaic of old Jerusalem. Jordan offers an abundance of real adventure all at a very low price.


From $557 from New York on Lufthansa ($965 including taxes and fees)


3-Managua, Nicaragua: Surf the volcano

Nicaragua is an adventure travel paradise and extremely cheap to boot. Go volcano surfing in Cerro Negro, explore quaint Spanish colonial villages, and rent a cottage nestled among coffee plantations in the Isla de Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua. The island features hikes on its twin volcanoes and monkey and bird watching in its tropical forest. Nicaragua is a beautiful and adventurous country that is very cheap to fly to and cheaper still once you arrive.


From $148 from Miami on Taca International Airlines ($259 including taxes and



4-Kunming China:  Gateway to Shangri La Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan province, is considered the most beautiful and cleanest province in China and offers a variety of climates from steamy tropical forests in the south east near the border with Laos to a string of Alpine waterfalls and snow capped mountains on the foothills of the Himalayas to the west. The classic route westward from Kunming includes Dali, with its pagodas, Buddhist monasteries and mountain temples set against a backdrop of greenery and majestic snow caps. Next stop Lijiang, considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in China, with its famous 'Jade Dragon' snow capped mountain and 'Dragon Gorge' waterfalls, offering some of the best views of raw nature in China. The final stop is the Tibetan enclave of 'Shangri- La'. Visit its old town and the impressive Songzanlin Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. The Yunnan province offers extensive opportunities for hiking, praying and just plain admiring the breathtaking beauty of nature, and all for under $40 USD per day when you travel, eat and stay where the locals do.


From $699 from Los Angeles on China Southern. ($965 including taxes and



5-Urumqi, China: The Silk Route and the most inland city in the world.

Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region in northwestern China, is the most inland city in the world; further away from any ocean as any other city on earth.  Once one of the most important stops along the northern route of the silk route, Urumqi offers a chance to see the Turkic side of China with its unique cuisine (spicy kebabs, nam bread) and amazing bazaars where you can buy anything from silk weavings to a herd of goats. Use Urumqi to explore all of the ancient settlements of the region including the famous silk route ruins in Turpan and the animal bazaar and old Mosque in Kashi, on the border with Kyrgyzstan. Exploring this most remote region of earth is the best way to relive the golden days of the Silk Route for less.


From $679 from Los Angeles on China Southern ($959 including taxes and



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