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Budget airlines: Cheap but not cheerful


Budget airlines: Cheap but not cheerful


London 6th July 2009 Cramped seats, hidden costs and bad mannered passengers are amongst the main complaints from travellers on budget airlines. Survey data from Continental Research suggests that budget airlines are failing to measure up to passengers’ expectations. 


Although Ryanair counts Spanish Royalty amongst its customers, 32% of travellers surveyed said they were deterred from using a budget airline as such carriers attract bad mannered and loud passengers. Screaming kids put off 28% of travellers. By contrast, scheduled airlines fare much better – 11% of travellers are deterred from scheduled airlines by bad mannered passengers and 15% by noisy children. 


Factors that put people off using airlines for their holiday


Budget airline

Schedule airline

Cramped seats/uncomfortable



Too many extras included in the ticket price



Poor in-flight food/entertainment


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