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TRO TravelGram - Sept 23


Wednesday, September 23

It's Mumbai, Yaar!
Fabulously wealthy and desperately poor, cutting-edge and ancient, Mumbai (or Bombay) embodies India's every contrast...
Conde Nast Traveler

West Jerusalem Shows Its Hip Secular Side
Slick new hotels, restaurants and cultural facilities are creating an urban edge in this ancient city...
New York Times

Vibrant street life gives Athens its curb appeal
Athens, noisy and densely populated, remains a place where outdoor enjoyment is a way of life: open-air cinemas, restaurants and bars with little care for closing time...
USA Today

Tours and Activities
A ticket to ride to Hamburg with the Beatles
For a huge Beatles buff like David Hanowski, Hamburg, Germany - not Liverpool, England - is the birthplace of the Beatle phenomenon...
National Post

Architectural Driving Tour of Veneto
Carlo Scarpa was one of the few 20th-century architects to make a mark on Veneto. Travel + Leisure steers toward his best surviving designs...
Travel and Leisure

Eat, Pray, Love: A Continent In Three Journeys
Three ways to see all the highlights of Asia this fall, whether your passion's food, religious festivals, or fine art...
Conde Nast Traveler

Exhibit examines artistic tastes of ancient Romans
Frescoes that once adorned Roman villas are going on display in a new exhibit that shows the tastes of ancient Rome's wealthy through landscapes and the representation of gods and goddesses...
USA Today

Can I Cruise Entirely Within the U.S.?
If you want to cruise entirely within the U.S., you have only a few options...
Smarter Travel

Carnival's Arison: Better 'act quickly' if you want the best deal on a cruise
Bookings for cruises are bouncing back, and pricing could be heading higher...
USA Today

Bag Fees Still Bringing in Big Bucks
It should surprise no one, but it's worth pointing out: Bag fees continue to be big business for the airlines, to the tune of $669 million last quarter...
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